University of Washington


DESCRIPTION: The UW campus grounds.
Established before the founding of the state of Washington (although it’s current oldest building dates back only to 1895) the U-Dub is considered to be among the best public universities in the world. With campus that emphasizes empty space and park land from above the university seems like an oasis in the center of Seattle’s sprawl.

Home to one of the largest libraries in the United States and having a known atmosphere of research and innovation a strong sense of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is prevalent anywhere you go on campus and this attitude doesn’t end at the mundane. Both clued in an completely clueless student groups with interests in everything from elder gods to sparkly vampire can be found in any campus building or student directory.

Surrounded by the supernatural on all sides while the University of Washington has no more supernatural influence than any other major institution in the US those in power see it as a potential powder keg. One Cthulu Song Group or Yu-Gi-Oh Game Club getting a hold of the wrong book could throw things out of control, and the wisest know that it’s only a matter of time.




Adrian Huggins – Scion of Odin’s Ravens

KEY ASPECT: Odin’s Memory Bank

LOCATION: University Library

Adrian Huggins

Adrian Huggins is reluctant to embrace his mystical heritage and has sought for years for a way to divest himself of his shapeshifting abilities. This has led him to become an expert on many topics including quite a few supernatural ones. He operates out of the University Library.




Taylor Hancock, Overworked Campus Police Officer

KEY ASPECT: A Badge Pinned Over a Bleeding Heart

LOCATION: Campus Grounds

Taylor Hancock

Taylor is among the youngest police captains in Seattle’s history, but due to a…personality conflict with the police chief has been set to command the smallest force in the city. With only himself and 4 officers he is tasked with investigating crimes occurring on campus or involving university property. With none of the help he should be able to expect from the Precinct 18 captain Taylor has worked his men ragged maintaining patrols but never asking more than he does himself. Recently Taylor has become suspicious of unusual occurrences in and around campus, he’s yet to make any claim of magic, but he knows that something just isn’t normal around here.




Karolyn Kennedy, Wizard In Training, DECEASED

KEY ASPECT: “What’s The Worst That Could Happen?”

LOCATION: Campus Clinic

Karolynn has been a student at the UW for 2 years and has been a student of magic for 1. She was first introduced to the supernatural when a student brought a homeless man off the streets into the clinic to get a bad cut looked and and right before her eyes he turned into a rat and skittered away. Since that time Karolynn is proven to have a healthy dose of talent and skill but a lack of caution that has not passed under the notice of the more established supernatural community.

Karolynn works at the reception desk of the UW clinic and spends most of her evenings on the ave in shoppes like Gargoyles attempting to further her magical knowledge. As of yet non of Seattle’s wizards has taken her as an apprentice but she is known to most of them and through their collective advice has managed to keep herself out of too serious of trouble. Soon the White Council will have to send a wizard to mentor her however or her increasingly bold experiments could cause serious trouble for everyone.



Kennedy had since become the apprentice of Zebidiah Einar and proved to be quite adept. However, she somehow got a hold of the Book of the Outer Dark and was subsequently possessed by the malevolent spirit of Black Agnes. Agnes controlled Karolynn for an unknown amount of months driving her completely mad while manipulating events that led to the events described in the Cauldron of Murder. She did not survive.
Strangely the University campus weathered Black Monday almost completely unscathed. No one is quite sure how or why that happened but to the people of the U-district it was a godsend as campus police led by Taylor Hancock and medical services proved invaluable in saving many lives.

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