University District


DESCRIPTION: Declining commercial district surrounding the University of Washington.

The University District is, next to Capitol Hill, one of Seattle’s most colorful and diverse neighborhoods. Carting to the students of the University of Washington shops cater to a wide variety of economic and social strata. One of the most notable features of the District however is it’s large and primarily young homeless population. Known as the Ave Rats they represent a ubiquitous presence in the main drags.

Residents of the U-District, primarily college students, spend the majority of their time either on campus are among the shops and bars that dominate the surrounding area, empty streets are almost unheard of in this part of the city which may be part of what lends it it’s surprisingly low crime rate.

Supernaturally the U-District is as eclectic as it’s mundane residents, supporting a fairly large hedge wizard population comprising mostly of the simply faithful but with several minor talents and butting sorcerers in their midst. Also prominent in the district is a small but growing plague of were-rats living amongst the homeless population. With no clearly defined leadership other than their near universal respect for Rizzo and older homeless man who has been living on these streets for near 15 years now, the rats have been recruiting new members who are identified as having potential and biding their time awaiting an opportunity that even they are not sure they’ll see when it comes.




Dr. Sue – Summer Court Changeling

KEY ASPECT: Too Clever By Half

LOCATION: Plain Sight Optometry

Doctor Sue

Dr. Sue clinic Plain Sight Optometry for the past 8 years has been a weigh station for the wayward supernatural. Dr. Sue helps supernaturals (and the occasional vanilla mortal) get new identities and new lives in Seattle. Sue is very protective of her clients and will not betray their trust even at risk to their own life.


Captain Jeff Clark – Willfully Ignorant Mortal Cop

KEY ASPECT: “When I Turn Around You Better Be Gone.”

LOCATION: 18th Precinct House

Jeff Clark

Captain for Seattle’s 18th Precinct which covers the University District with the exception of the University Itself (which is covered by its own force). Cptn. Clark’s rise in the police force was far from meteoric, 25 years of the force has found him in charge of Seattle’s smallest precinct house. Having a natural aversion to work and instilling a similar level of sloth in those under his command Seattle’s U-District enjoys among it’s lowest reported crime rates as the locals have learned simply not to bother. If there is one thing that Cptn. Clark will defend with vigor it is the idea that there is nothing going on worthy of a major investigation, and he has been known to incarcerate individuals who suggest otherwise.




Old Joe Rizzo – Yoda of the Ave

KEY ASPECT: Brothers In Hardship

LOCATION: Scarecrow Video

While lacking any magical talent himself Old Joe (in reality only 45, but those were 45 hard years) has become the center point for many of the Ave Rats, literal and otherwise. Old Joe is one of the most clued in people in Seattle, with his many children providing him the skinny on the happenings of the city. While generally Joe is little more than an mentor to those seeking help, he will always take advantage of an opportunity to protect himself and his community.


Andrew Fallon, Missionary In Over His Head

KEY ASPECT: “You Can’t See Sin.”

LOCATION: University Temple United Methodist Church

Andrew Fallon runs the Roots (Rising Out Of The Shadows) Youth shelter which serves the homeless population in and around the U-District. Brought up in the Methodist Church in Oregon he came here hoping to help people but soon found it was more than people in trouble in Seattle. Andrew has only been in the city for 4 months now and has already gained a reputation as a good man, although many of the younger supernatural inhabitants of the streets enjoy having some fun at his expense by revealing their powers to him.

Black Monday


Because it was at the epicenter of the event The University District was heavily damaged by the earthquake. The riots that followed were caused by “experimental psychotropic gasses released into the air when tremors caused damage to campus labs” according Captain Jeff Clark. Clark is is currently being raked over the coals by The Stranger who claim that his incompetence led to the loss of many lives. Claims supported by Joe Rizzo who stated publicly that the captain ignored his pleas for help because he didn’t give a damn about any stinking “Ave Rats”. Rizzo was attacked by an unknown assailant 3 days after the article was published and put in the hospital. At this time the assault is being classified as a robbery.

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