The Venatori Umbrorum



Investigate what happened before to the previous cell. Take appropriate measures. Reestablish a powerbase.

Secret Goal:



Hostile supernatural community blames them for the deaths of many. Diminished resources.


International contacts and a library of supernatural knowledge. Markus Veit


No contacts, no resources, and no access to the supernatural community. New to town.


Well Trained Hunters in Darkness, Decimated and Recovering, Institutional Knowledge

Next Steps:

Find out how the Cell was compromised and rectify the situation.


Marcus Veit

The Venatori Umborium are a collection of men and women around the world who have knowledge of the supernatural community and a community of support and means to effect them. In the war between the Red Court and White Council, the Venatori have made bold attacks in shutting down Red Court resources (like bank accounts), discrediting Red Court members in positions of power and even having raids where Red Court members will disappear off the map. Some believe that members of the Venatori would act to destroy some supernatural creatures simply because they exist. Ronald Parker is the current leader in Seattle but Roy Mullenix is a far more visible member of the order. However, few know of the order’s existence or that the Hero Detective is a part of it.


The Venatori Umbrorum have recently made a lot of waves in Seattle. They were behind attacks on several supernaturals which left their targets dead, burned at the stake. The mystical community in Seattle was terrorized by the well organized and executed assaults. The Venatori even unsuccessfully attempted to wipe out the Pack in a showdown at a warehouse in the U-district. Because of their actions the Tora Shagami clan’s first official act as the Conclave’s enforcers was to end the Venatori’s reign of terror. They succeeded in destroying most of the Hunters although their leader, Ronald Parker, escaped.
There are rumors that Ronald Parker was being mentally dominated by some entity with a political agenda who used the Hunters to wipe out their competition. It should be noted that almost all of the targets (including the Pack) had worked with Lord Montague in the past. Roy Mullinex was apparently not part of the attacks and it appears that he had been ostracized by Parker’s cell. Markus Veitt has been rumored to have taken over the local cell in the Seattle area although that is unconfirmed. It remains unclear if the Conclave would welcome the Venatori’s presence in the city or if they would see them as an enemy and continue to pursue a policy of no tolerance.

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