The Sokolov Bratva



Get back to amassing money and power. Expanding territory and taking out the competition.

Secret Goal:



The Pack, Monoc Securities, The Union, Other gangs and local investors.


Vast criminal network, corruption, and money. Ties to the Black God, Chernobog. Sokolov


Outsiders. Universally Despised. Always under scrutiny by the Law. Slow to react monolithic organization. The head has been cut off and there is no real leadership.


Brutal Criminal Empire, Unrivaled Material Resources

Next Steps:

Recover from losing their leader, Casimir Sokolov. Find a new leader.


Casimir Sokolov

The newly renamed Sokolov Bratva, or simply Bratva, is a powerful Russian Mafia Criminal Organization. It’s Leader is Casimir Sokolov a former hit-man of legendary status who disappeared several years ago while on a mission to kill a student from UW that had stumbled across some embarrassing truths. No one knows where Casimir went for all those years but when he came back he was a mere husk of his former physical condition. Despite this he inspired a deep dread throughout the Bratva and, moving boldly and without mercy took it over a year after his return. No one ever saw the former leader, or any member of his family, ever again. Since then Casimir has been making moves throughout the Seattle underworld taking advantage of the lingering chaos of Black Monday.


Somehow Casimir Sokolov has regained his former physical stature and is now far from being a wheel chair bound cripple.


Sokolov was defeated and died in battle with Fergus Mac Cormaic and David Clay during a showdown at a warehouse in the Seattle Waterfront. The Sokolov Bratva is now at odds with itself and various factions are struggling to come out on top and take leadership of the organization.

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The Sokolov Bratva

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