The Peter Kirk Syndicate



Power and money and to run both the supernatural and mundane world.

Secret Goal:

Many and varied.


William West, local government, Social Justice Warriors, The Mercers, The Russians.


Multinational Corporate resources. International business contacts. More money than God. Trevor Radcliffe. The Radcliffe Clinic with Aunt B


No known supernatural power. Bureaucracy and must maintain public appearances. Corporate Instincts. Send in lawyers and buy people out.


Power Hungry Businessman.

Next Steps:

Take advantage of the chaos.


Trevor Radcliffe

The Peter Kirk Syndicate was a conglomeration of investors who bought the Peter Kirk building and other historic places in the 50’s and 60’s in an effort to restore them and get them registered as Historical Landmarks. They have, but now Kirkland is changing. Trevor Radcliffe and his Syndicate are a mysterious Group who seem to be in on just the right place with just the right properties when Kirkland doubled in size.



Kirkland weathered the earthquake of Black Monday relatively unscathed. It did suffer extensive storm and flood damage however. More so than any other part of the region. Oddly enough almost every single property owned by the Peter Kirk Syndicate was spared the flooding damage. Also the insurance companies are refusing to pay out on claims and their owners have been forced to sell their properties. The single largest insurance company in the area is Vanguard Insurance. A subsidy of the Peter Kirk Syndicates. The Syndicate has snapped up many of the best properties solidifying its power in the area. Two State investigations into the situation were launched but quickly ruled that there was no fraud in the transactions.


Trevor Radcliffe had gone from Seattle’s golden boy to enemy number one overnight. David suspected that when he and Fergus had banished the demon Sebassis it had played a large role in Radcliffe’s fortunes turning sour.
The Blackthorn Demon was known as “straife” in Celtic myth. The word strife had its origins from that. According to legend the demon would lend its influence to the greedy and the power-hungry bringing good fortune to them. For a time. After corrupting the elite, the demon would cause as much chaos and mayhem possible by bringing their crimes and immorality to the light.
Radcliffe was beset on all sides in countless law suits. There was a news report that the strange mental malady that had brought normal citizens to riot in the streets after the horrible storm and earthquakes of Black Monday was caused by chemicals illegally stored in a Peter Kirk Sydnicate warehouse in the University District. The Federal government had also began an investigation into those allegations. Rage at Radcliffe’s predatory business practices had led to a bombing of one of his properties and what looked like a possible arson at another.

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