The Paranet



Protect those who need protecting. Help the helpless.

Secret Goal:



Easy targets that are hunted by all.


Interconnected and tight knit community with diverse power sets.


Almost no real power. People are busy with their own lives.


Tightly Knit Network of Minor Powers, Seattle Diversity in Action

Next Steps:

Prepare for any incursions.



After members of the Ordo Lebes in Chicago and other practitioners around the country were targeted for demise by some factions of the White Court in an effort to cull women with talent who could give birth to future wizards, Elaine Mallory and Harry Dresden got the idea to start a network of support, education and self-protection.

Harry negotiated a wereguild from Lara Raith, the de facto leader of the White Court, in reparation to the victims’ dependents. The portion of funds that was remaining from those victims who did not have dependents, such as Anna Ash, would be used to start it up.

Emerson Lake

The Paranet is an organization of human practitioners with low-level magical talent. It was founded to provide an infrastructure, help, and protection for such practitioners, due to not being eligible for the White Council. Its members are called Paranetters (Netters for short).

They built a network of contacts,and run a hotline for practitioners. They contacted groups in cities across the country putting word out that if people are in a supernatural fix, they could get word into the Network. They set up self-defense classes. Got people to coordinate, cooperate and support each other.

The Paranet has tens of thousands of members, implying they can follow what happens in every city by people who are getting more experienced everyday. Members of the Paranet are all, by necessity, low-grade talents who can use computers without hexing them.

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The Paranet

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