The Mercer Family



Maintaining Power at all costs.

Secret Goal:

Undermine all other contenders for power.


Montague wants their power back. Lacks reputation within the White Court. Small Fish in a Big Pond.


Head of the Conclave of Emerald. Lots of money and local investments.


Arrogance and overconfidence. Driven by their hunger. Untested powerbase and no established allies.


Upstart White Court Vampires, Machiavellian Ambitions, Untamed Hungers

Next Steps:

Show that they are powerful and worth respect. Mercer needs a decisive victory to establish his family’s greatness.


Aaron Mercer

The two most influential families of the White Court of Vampires in the Seattle area have been bitter political rivals if not outright enemies since the founding of the city. The Mercer Family, led by Aaron Mercer, was banished from the Emerald City in 1908 through some nifty political maneuvering by the head of Clan Montague. The infamous Calkins Motel on Mercer Island, the seat of power for the family, was burned to the ground that same night in a tragic fire.

With the Mercer’s out of the picture the Montague Clan thrived gathering power and influence throughout the region and ruling with an iron fist. Then a mysterious coalition of supernatural interests led by an infamous vampire hunter of the Venatori Umbrorum made a surprise attack on the Montague Clan in 1934 that left all but the youngest of them dead.

Young Romeo Montague was a notorious scoundrel and gambler and after his entire family was destroyed he became Lord Montague, White Court Master of the City of Seattle. Unused to the responsibilities of power the young Lord Montague acted brashly and with arrogance which led him into a confrontation with Zebidiah Einar in 1961. He was soundly defeated by the wizard and kept out of the public eye for decades afterward.

Aaron Mercer

20 years ago he resurfaced as Ronald Montgomery and has since created a nearly unassailable power base, both in the White Court and in regional politics. He won the job of Police Commissioner over a decade ago and has ruled the city from that seat with a respectable amount of grace and wisdom since. He kept supernatural powers throughout the city in check and several outsiders from moving in on his territory. While he has many enemies in Seattle who would love to see him toppled most realize that to do so could compromise the safety of everyone in the region.

Black Monday changed all of that. Aaron Mercer was able to use the incident and Montague’s “incompetence” in the matter to end his exile from the Emerald City. He has quietly moved back to his home on Mercer Island and taken a seat on the Conclave of Emerald. He has been building a base of power and opposing Lord Montague’s decisions ever since. There is little doubt that a confrontation is inevitable between the two families.


Lord Montagues’ mortal identity, SPD Chief Ronald Montgomery, has been investigated and charged with multiple crimes. Including the murder of police captain, Sid Routman. His power base in Seattle had already eroded because of BLACK MONDAY and these accusations forced Montague to flee the city leaving Aaron Mercer as default head of the White Court in Seattle. Mercer has certainly rallied his power base and has become the most influential member of the Conclave with few willing to oppose his will.

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