Shioma Clan



To take advantage of the chaos caused by the destruction of the Red Court of Vampires (as well as the infighting in the Sokolov Bravta, the weakening of The Kulikova Clan, and the recent change of power within the White Court) to not only establish a stronghold of power within Seattle, but to use Seattle as a launching point to infiltrate more of the U.S. West Coast.

Secret Goal:

To force the Jade Court to finally emerge from the Shadows and establish themselves as the per-eminent Vampire court, ruling over the White Court and dying Black Court.


The Mercer Family and The Eastern Temple


Money, Resources, Other Yakuza Clans, Connections to Ancient ‘Ninja’ Clans, The Jade Court, Eastern Supernatural Creatures


Overconfidence. Arrogance. Superiority Complex. Vengeful. Need to Feed. Few to No Local Allies.


Machiavellian Ambitions, Reputation to Protect

Next Steps:

Establish themselves, primarily in I-Town (for Now). Take over whatever former Red Court properties and businesses they can, as well as anything else that might be neglected by other powers due to internal conflicts, chaos, or weakening by recent events.


Yoshimitsu Shioma

Originally from Hawaii, The Shioma Clan has recently begun relocating to Seattle, in an attempt to take advantage of the power shifts and chaos occurring there. Led by Oyabun Yoshimitsu Shioma, who saw the opportunities in Seattle and made the decision for the relocation, the Clan’s ambitions have the full backing of their fellow Yakuza clans both back in Hawaii and in Japan.

One time allies of the powerful Noshimuri Clan in Hawaii, the two had a falling out several years ago, around the time that Hiro Noshimuri, Oyabun of his clan, died. While there was no proof, Adam Noshimuri, Hiro’s son and heir, believed that the Shioma clan had his father killed. This caused a split between the two clans, and a relocation seemed a better plan than a war between Shioma and the powerful Noshimuris.

The Shioma Clan, like most Yakuza Clans, are vampires of the Jade Court. Yoshimitsu, his sons and daughters, and the upper echelons of the family, are all Jade Court. In fact, it is rare that clans such as the Noshimuri Clan, have little to no connections to the Jade Court at all.

Their nature and near immortal lives, give the Shioma’s vast wealth and resources, while their establishment as a Yakuza Clan gives them power, respect, and the power of fear. And that is what they bring now to Seattle’s shores. Yoshimitsu and his family have arrived, and they have no intention of leaving, nor of letting any tell them what they can and cannot do.

Shioma Clan

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