Pioneer Square

DESCRIPTION: The Center of Seattle’s Nightlife
IDEA: Many Supernatural Predators Hunt in the Area
Like virtually all Seattle neighborhoods, the Pioneer Square neighborhood lacks definitive borders. It is bounded roughly by Alaskan Way S. on the west, beyond which are the docks of Elliott Bay; by S. King Street on the south, beyond which is SoDo; by 5th Avenue S. on the east, beyond which is the International District; and it extends between one and two blocks north of Yesler Way, beyond which is the rest of Downtown. Because Yesler Way marks the boundary between two different plats, the street grid north of Yesler does not line up with the neighborhood’s other streets (nor with the compass), so the northern “border” of the district zigzags along numerous streets.



Many mortals will indulge themselves on the weekend at the numerous bars and nightclubs in Pioneer Square. Supernatural predators often find easy prey in the area and the ghouls of the Kalikova Clan in the nearby Underground are happy to dispose of any…leftovers. For a price of course. Montague is very vigilant that no creature culls too much from the herds and will often send Delilah to deal with any who will not listen. In recent months a new pack of Red Court Vampires has moved into the area making waves.


Trey Wellington

ASPECT: Food Should Know Its Place

LOCATION: The Last Supper Club

Trey Wellington comes off as a typical poor little rich kid with his manicured good looks and expensive clothes as well as his superior attitude. He is the leader of a very select group of young Red Court Vampires who believe that the wealth and breeding of their mortal shells elevates them beyond their status. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement has brought them into direct conflict with the Pack in recent months. He and his brood can often be found at one of Seattle’s premier night spots, the Last Supper Club, on Washington. It is unclear if he has any ties to Content Not Found: francois-du-monde and his mandate or not.


Trey Wellington was recently killed by Jack Youngblood while the two of them were battling. The fight actually occurred in 1934 so it is unclear if Wellington’s clan of vampires know of his fate.


Harry Dresden destroyed all Red Court Vampires wiping them from the Earth by hijacking a powerful ritual in Chitzen Itza. Since then The Last Supper has become less and less prominent in the nightlife scene of Pioneer Square as other businesses have risen to prominence.





From the exterior, The Gate Bar and Grill doesn’t really announce its presence. It’s a relatively simple stand-alone brick structure snuggled into a corner in what appears to have been once a small Auto Garage. One side of the building has two huge garage doors, old fashioned, wood and white painted.The entry door is a simple wooden door with a large single pane of glass in it, likely original from when this was an Auto or chop shop. Stenciled in white on the door is the word “The Gate”. Below it, two small neon signs hang. One shouts ‘BAR’ in orange-red lighting and the other moans ‘GRILL’ in a calming bluish-purple shade. The two words are lit based upon the time of day and what “mode” the establishment is in. During the afternoon hours up until about 9 PM, the place caters to the typical bar crowd. The TV’s show SPORTS and News. The tables are rolled out into the middle of the floor and chairs placed around. The VIP area is roped off and no one allowed in the upper offices.

When the twilight hours of night roll around, the bar undergoes a transformation. The tables are folded in half and pushed against the walls to provide areas to set drinks. The chairs are pushed against the walls for seating between sets. The majority of the space is cleared for dancing, the house lights come down, the colored spotlights kick on and begin to whirl, and the DJ kicks up the music, or has a live band in the house.

The hard concrete floor has has hardwood laid down over it and sealed throughout the main floor. The doorman, Ming (When in town), sits on a chair at the entrance to check ID’s and take covers, when the site goes into evening mode, and it is widely known that only a VERY select type of clientele is allowed during the late hours. The bar of the grill is best described as “dive” yet never appears to be without customer. The majority of the wood has been stained almost black, with a dark purple marbling of wood running through it in strands. The bar itself is relatively small but stretches out onto the terrace outside.

The interior walls have been left with their exposed brick and under lit with colored accent lights to cast crazy colors over the walls during Lounge sets. The VIP area used to be a simple metal loft area in the garage. The metal steps have a hatch work of raised grips that lead up to the VIP area. The VIP area features a little more than half a dozen couches arranged around tables where patrons can drink, talk, listen to the music, and chill in between trips to the floor. The couches are comfortable leather and the end tables and low coffee tables are wood. Small screens offer entertainment in the VIP lounge on each table and allow patrons to order drinks directly to their seat without waiting for a waitress or visiting the bar.

Once the club has gone into Lounge mode, the speakers around the club pump out mostly house and trance music, mixed with some electronic dance music. The liquor starts to really flow and the floor tends to get packed with sweaty writhing bodies, of ALL makes. To the hidden world it is known that while not accorded ANY neutrality it would be wise to never hunt on the grounds, as both the regular and those of the veil are welcome. Should this simple rule ever be broken one can hope the least they may receive is a quick death by Fang. There have been a tale or two that the manager of the place is older then most wizards of the council, but aside from his smile and shaking of the head Solomon leaves HIS story unsaid.

For those in the know the bar and dance are of the club has an almost Feng Shui like arrangement. From the table alignment to the spinning discos balls EVERYTHING has a place. Once it is known and a certain cipher is learned one can walk an astronomically precise path and find themselves in a separate VIP room for a very select clientele. These clients are afforded every opportunity to indulge in their vices…with in a certain set of rules of course. This path also allows access to the liquor storage area , and what lies beneath, BUT most are unaware of this. Should one walk the path without the cipher and misstep they may forever be lost in the primrose of paths and tunnels that encircle the underworld.

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