Odianna of Winter



Regain favor within the Winter Court. End her exile.

Secret Goal:

Many and varied.


50 more years left on her exile. Disfavor of the Winter Court. Unnamed Rival within the court. Still opposed by Summer.


Potent Demesne in Seattle, Squire the head of an Ogre Clan, and Mathew Riley and Jack Youngblood owes her for saving his wife. The Winter Rose.


Poor impulse control. Out in the cold and isolated. Untrusted and considered of poor character because she broke her promise.


Exiled Handmaiden of Winter, Wild at Heart

Next Steps:

Find and depose her rival. Keep banking favors.



ODIANNA OF WINTER, Handmaiden of Fern Frost, was exiled from the Winter Court by Jack Frost himself. It seems she had allowed a mortal wizard, the then youthful Zebidiah Einar, to get close to his daughter whom had fallen in love with him. Once exiled Odianna eventually ended up in Seattle where she opened up a private nightclub called the Masquerade. Although she is one of the lesser nobles of the Winter Court she is more than a handful for any who would face her. Her savagery hearkens back to a more primitive time of violence and her skills as a warrior, wizard and lover are legendary. She owns the Masquerade Private Club on Capital Hill.


Odiana is owed two favors by Osamu Nishimura and Stacy Keene. She also owns Mathew Riley’s services. Jack Youngblood is now deeply in her debt because she is helping keep his wife, Abigail Youngblood, alive using the Winter Rose to slow the spread of Abi’s cancer.

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Odianna of Winter

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