Mercer Island

Mercer Island, named for the Mercer family of Seattle, was first settled between 1870 and 1880. The Mercer brothers often rowed between the island and Seattle to pick berries, hunt, and fish. Those brothers, Thomas Mercer and Asa Shinn Mercer, are members of the Mercer family of Virginia. The first large settlement, East Seattle, was toward the northwest side of the island—near the McGilvara neighbourhood. During 1889, a C C Calkins built a large and gilded resort, the Calkins Hotel. The hotel was patronised via steamboat between: Madison Park, Leschi Park, and the Eastside. Burnt by a mysterious fire, the hotel was razed during 1908.




Aaron Mercer

ASPECT: (You) Wish You Were Here

Aaron Mercer

Originally hailing from Ohio, and before that, France, it’s unclear when the Mercer family became involved with the white court. Aaron’s two sons, Thomas and Asa, were instrumental in the development of early Seattle. Thomas, in particular, was quite industrious and made a large fortune, and actually names several locations, including Lake Washington, Lake Union, and Mercer Island. His brother Asa is also famous for organizing a large migration of women to the area, leading to familial prospects for the men who moved to the area for labor. It’s unknown if either brother was White Court, as both died before the 1900s. Perhaps their father spared them such a fate – or perhaps they vanished for other reasons.

Today, Aaron’s family has grown. Not too large, but many members hold considerable influence over Mercer Island, as well as circles of influence in Seattle. Aaron is almost never seen by anyone other than a few family members, and his few trusted servants, one of which only known by the nickname Metatron (Those who have met or know Aaron comment that such a nickname fits his sense of humor perfectly.)

The Mercer bloodline has a taste for emotion, much like other white courts. Theirs preferred substance is a gourmet blend of greed and envy – the desire to have. Their weakness is true generosity, a sacrifice of something, only motivated by altruism. Truly a rare thing in this age, and more so in Mercer.

Mercer Island today is populated by many wealth mortals who enjoy showing off their status, and the white court family thrives there. They are aware of the Ventatori presence in their area. Thus far, no conflicts between the two have been reported. Funny how that Venatori outpost never seem to have any funding problems.

Most recently, the earthquake made a few changes to the area. There was some property damage, of course, mostly along the coastlines. However, there were very few casualties, and almost none of the looting and rioting taking place elsewhere in the city. The citizens had well paid personal security, and the island’s isolation kept ensured troublemakers from other parts of the city didn’t spill into their plush communities.

Mercer Island’s official sister-city is Thonon-les-Bains. It’s speculated that their bloodline’s true head still resides there.

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