Mantle - Spirit Talker


SPIRIT TALKER (Supernatural Scale)


Spirit World (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

This condition uses five boxes to represent your significant spiritual capital, which translates to a constant supply of local ghosts and spirits to help you. Mark a box when you draw on your spiritual resources for this mantle’s stunts. Recover this condition by waiting (one box per session) or by spending a scene to meet with local spirits and clear the track. During the meeting, however, the spirits (via the GM) will inform you of a spiritual problem necessitating your attention.

Angry Spirits (sticky): [ ]

Violating the spirit’s trust marks this condition. While the Angry Spirit’s condition is marked you may no longer use the Spirit World condition. Recover Angry Spirits when you have made restitution with the spirits.


Spirit Talker:

Spirit Talkers perceive the presence of spirits and ghosts. If the spirit is deliberately trying to conceal themself Roll Focus (or Intellect) +2 vs. Guile. Conversely, spirits get a +2 when trying to perceive or locate you. Spirit Talkers speak and otherwise communicate directly with ghosts and other invisible or incorporeal spirits, without any need to perform thaumaturgy. They may seek out information and specific individuals among the dead.


Check a box of Spirit World to allow a minor spirit to possess you for a scene allowing you access to either an aspect or a +2 bonus in something they’re skilled at (see the NPC creation rules on page 212). Check multiple boxes to grant multiple aspects and multiple areas of competence, with a maximum of +2 in any one area. Use your fate points to invoke these aspects on your behalf.



Spend a point of Spirit World to ignore the incorporeality of insubstantial creatures (e.g., ghosts, specters) and affect them as though they were physical for a scene. However, they can affect you directly as well. For each additional point of Spirit World used you can designate another willing target for this effect.

Spirit Guide:

Mark Spirit World to call upon the local spirits for favors. One box grants automatic success to a task (provided it is without risk) without having to roll or play out a scene. Two boxes pay for one cost for a ritual spell (page 172) or provides spirit NPCs or a magical resource to assist with a dangerous task. If at least three boxes are unmarked, mark the entire track for a powerful Local Spirit to intervene on your behalf and resolve a situation utterly unresolvable under your own power. This action requires formally petitioning the spirit and convincing them that the intervention is in their best interest.

Powerful Spirit:

Once per session, you may mark an extra box of Spirit World to give any spirit created with Possession a +4 in their area of expertise (rather than the normal +2).


When preparing rituals dealing with Spirits, add +2 to the preparation roll and reduce the number of costs by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

Spiritual Sacrifice:

Mark Disfavored to use spirits pay any associated costs for a ritual spell of your choice. (Important: this stunt involves a serious betrayal of the spirit world’s trust and requires extraordinary penance to regain it.)


Once per scenario, you may declare that a spirit ally hs spirited you away to a demesne in the Nevernever, away from any prying eyes. This allows you to immediately escape any pursuit or scrutiny without having to participate in a contest, and you get at least one scene before anyone can try to search for you. Supernatural methods of detection may be required to find you at the GM’s discretion.

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Mantle - Spirit Talker

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