Mantle - Seraphim


SERAPHIM (Otherwordly Scale)

Many of the stories about angels and demons have a basis in truth. They are beings of great power, and in ages past they sometimes swept down from the skies or clawed their way out of Hell and destroyed armies or decimated entire kingdoms to punish evildoers—or, some of the more cynic would say, to make sure humans stayed in their place. They have human shapes, usually shining with a bright inner light. Some of them sport wings on their backs, the more so after that shape captured human imagination and became an attractive “badge of office.” They can be helpful guides or terrible avengers. The Fallen manifest as demons with all that entails; bat wings, horns, claws and so forth.

Common Seraphim operate at Otherworldly scale but Archangels can reach Legendary power. Some Archangels, like Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer operate on Godlike Scale.


Celestial Fire (sticky): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

All Seraphim in Divine form wield the Celestial Flames. Mark a box when using certain stunts provided by this mantle. Mark 3 boxes to have a friendly NPC connected to the Celestial Choir appear and offer aid or information. Once per scenario, you may mark all 5 boxes to operate at Legendary Scale for a scene. Recover one box at the conclusion of any scene in which you do not mark a box. Recover two boxes at the start of a new session.

Immortal (sticky): [ ]

Mark this box to absorb any amount of physical damage. A seraph’s body may be destroyred, but unless utterly annihilated, it will manifest back in Elysium. Recovery occurs automatically after a short amount of time undisturbed. This time may vary at GM discretion; If a seraph is shot to death he may need only a few minutes to recover, while if he was torn to pieces may need the remainder of the scene.

Divine/Infernal Incarnation (lasting): [ ]

Mark this condition to transform from your profane, mortal form into your Angelic/Demonic, Divine/Infernal Incarnation. Seraphim need not eat, drink, sleep, or breathe to survive. They are immune to narcotic and irritant poisons, but not corrosive ones. Disease does not affect them, either, unless they are supernatural in origin.

The Divine/Infernal Incarnation can often terrify or awe most beings. When a Seraphim in its Divine/Infernal Incarnation attempts to Create an Advantage to intimidate, awe or create feelings of religious rapture they gain a +2 to their roll.

Taint Vulnerability: [ ]

If you mark In Peril or Doomed to absorb shifts from an Outsiders attack, your attacker can also declare that the attack Taints you, forcing a mark on this condition as well. While Tainted by an Outsider, you are prohibited from accessing the mantle’s stunts or conditions. Recovery requires the taints removal by overcoming passive opposition (Great (+4) at minimum) or active opposition, such as during combat. This recovery does not affect any other conditions sustained during the attack.



You can fly, rendering inconsequential certain movement-related obstacles. Gain +2 to rolls in any situation in which wings are advantageous. The Seraphim’s wings only manifest in its Divine/Infernal Incarnation.

Celestial Physique:

When brute strength or sheer speed is requisite, call upon your divine nature to gain a bonus of +2 per box of Celestial Fire marked. Furthermore, any physical actions taken may (per the GM) include scale (page 182) regardless of whether Celestial Fire is used.

Celestial Sword:

A seraph may manifest a Celestial Weapon, usually a sword but sometimes it is a spear or a whip, to smite their enemies. Attacks are worth +1 shift on a successful hit and may have scale. Against their opposite number Seraphim increase Scale by one level. So a Divine Seraph gains scale on an Infernal one and an Infernal Seraph gains scale against his Angelic counterpart.

Celestial Shield:

Mark one box of Celestial Fire to absorb two shifts from a physical attack. This manifests as a glowing aura, shield or suit of armor as the Seraph desires.


Superior Speed:

Gain +2 to use Haste to defend or create an advantage.

Superior Recovery:

Once per session, you may treat a sticky condition reflecting physical injury as if it were fleeting.

Celestial Theophany:

Theophanies are special abilities that Seraphim use to carry out their missions on Earth or in the Nevernever. Each time this stunt select one of the Theophanies below. Each Theophany can only be selected one time.

  • BINDER: Binders have the ability to capture both mundane and supernatural targets (physical or ethereal), and bind them with chains of Celestial Fire. Use Focus against the target’s defense (often Force, Focus or Haste) to place a Bound By Celestial Fire aspect on them. Scale does apply to the roll and the Seraph can only Bind one target at a time. Until the bonds are broken the target can take no other action, including using supernatural abilities until they overcome the Aspect. For each box of Celestial Fire marked off increase the difficulty of the Overcome roll by +1 for an exchange. Binders can also manifest thorns on their chains. Mark a box of Celestial Fire to make a Focus attack on the target with a bonus of +2.
  • DESTROYER: The most feared among the Seraphim are the Destroyers. Theirs is the power to eliminate things—or beings—considered a threat to humankind or even to Reality itself. This power has two effects, standard destruction and the Oblivion. Destroyers may make attacks on any target they perceive with Celestial Fire that manifests as blue white bolts of lightning using Force or Flair (choose one when this Theophany is taken). Oblivion can only be used on a target that is Taken Out. For five boxes of Celestial Flame it eliminates the target, leaving no physical traces, as well as removing the memories of the target from most Mundanes! Supernaturally gifted humans and other beings may remember, but even then the memories feel strangely hollow and meaningless, almost like remembering a character from an old, half-forgotten movie. Gifted or Supernatural characters must make an Overcome Roll against the Seraph’s Force/Flair plus scale to remember the target.
  • ERASER: Seraphim laws mandate minimal contact with humans. As a result, most Seraphim groups that visit Earth have an Eraser with them. Erasers can wipe out or (more commonly) muddle the memories of human witnesses, and leave behind equivocal evidence of the angels’ actions. For example planting the idea that the reason a Seraph got up after being shot was because they were wearing a bullet proof vest. Mark one box of Celesital Fire to muddle the memories of a single mortal. A small group of mortals (four to ten or so) costs 3 boxes. Changing the memories of a large crowd would cost 5 boxes. Completely changing a target’s memories instead of just modifying them cost 1 additional box. Mortals have no defense against this effect but supernaturals may pit their Focus against a Seraph’s Guile to overcome it. Each box of Celestial Fire marked adds +1 to the Seraph’s roll.
  • FINDER: A Finder can track any target they have seen or touched in the past. They can also track targets if they touch an object or person (someone close to them) which gives them a psychic impression of the target. Mark one box of Celestial Fire and make an Intellect Overcome roll determined by the GM based on how good of an impression is available. If successful they instantly get a rough idea of the direction and distance to their target and to know if they are on this plane or not. They can track their quarry across worlds following their scent even into the Nevernever if they can access it. When mystical abilities are used to resist the Finder a contested roll is used pitting the Seraph’s Intellect against the resistor’s Approach. Each box of Celestial Fire marked adds +1 to the Seraph’s roll.
  • HEALER: Healers can heal wounds very rapidly. For a box of Celestial Fire they can replenish a character’s stress (including their own) in an Exchange with an Focus Overcome Roll of +2. For 3 boxes of Celestial Fire a Healer can spend a Scene to remove In Peril or Doomed Conditions with a Focus roll equal to the shifts of the Condition (4 or 6). For 5 boxes of Celestial Fire a Healer can Cure a patient by making a Focus Overcome Roll of +8 (or more at GM’s prerogative). This takes a scene at minimum and, much like ritual magic might require the Healer to Create Advantages in order to succeed. The Cure can regrow lost limbs, make old, crippling injuries disappear, remove scars and tattoos, reverse balding, even eliminate cancer or persistent viral agents like AIDS.
  • TRAVELER: All Seraph can materialize on Earth and back to Elysium. Travelers can open portals between the mortal world and the wild (unaffiliated) regions of the Nevernever and teleport anywhere on Earth they are familiar with. For one box of Celestial Fire you may declare your convenient arrival in a scene via a portal. The portal will last for as long as you concentrate (taking your action for an exchange) allowing others to follow you. For 3 boxes you may open a portal to the Nevernever and maintain it in the same way. For 5 points you may travel from anywhere in the Nevernever to any other place you are familiar with.

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Mantle - Seraphim

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