Mantle - Relentless Dead


Relentless Dead (Supernatural Scale)

The Relentless Dead were once human beings, until they fell prey to tragedy, madness, or both. Most Relentless Dead were murdered in some gruesome or shocking manner, often after witnessing the deaths of loved ones. Many were abused for years before their deaths. Others are psychotic killers who continue to follow their insane urges even after being executed for their crimes. The Relentless Dead are powerful but tragic. Their existence is consumed by their obsessions, and they cannot survive the completion of their quest. Although they are almost impossible to stop, let alone destroy, by conventional means, Gifted enemies can sever their link to their bodies and send their souls spiraling into the Death Realms.


Wrath: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Mark one of the condition’s five boxes to access your mantle’s power, as detailed in your stunts. Recover fully at the conclusion of any scene in which you did not use the mantle’s stunts. The mantle’s power is also obtainable as a unique approach, Wrath, with a bonus equal to the number of unmarked boxes usable toward any action. The Wrath approach, however, has a catch: the GM will modify your description of your action according to the character of the mantle. Wrath is wild, uncontrollable rage, and motivated to destroy all that stands in its way with no moral or ethical compunctions. If the change is sufficiently complicating, the GM may treat the action as a compel and award you a fate point.

Immortal (sticky): [ ]

Mark this box to absorb any amount of physical damage. Relentless Dead may be killed, their bodies completely destroyed, but unless their spirit or soul is also destroyed, his body will arise again. Recovery occurs automatically after a short amount of time undisturbed. This time may vary at GM discretion; If the Relentless Dead is shot to death he may need only a few minutes to recover, while if he was torn to pieces may need the remainder of the scene.

Soul Trapped: [ ]

Through magical ritual the Relentless Dead’s soul is captured. While Soul Trapped, you are prohibited from accessing the mantle’s stunts or conditions. Recovery requires the rituals removal by overcoming passive opposition (Great (+4) at minimum) or active opposition, such as during combat. This recovery does not affect any other conditions sustained during the attack.

Consumed by Anger: [x]

Relentless Dead are consumed by anger, be it righteous indignation, cold, calculating fury, or rabid, mindless rage. Many are Unborn in a fit of convulsive fury, go on a mindless rampage, and are destroyed or fulfill their self-appointed mission in a matter of days or hours. Others are more calculating and patient, and have remained on this world for several lifetimes, pursuing their goals with great determination. This condition is always marked. If the Relentless Dead strays from his righteous anger for any reason then this condition is unchecked. When not Consumed by Anger the character loses access to the mantle’s stunts unless and until they recommit to their path. In some cases the GM may require an Overcome roll depending on how far the character strayed from their goals or how much their Rage has cooled.

Core Stunts:

Relentless Physique:

When brute strength or resilience is required, call upon your power to gain a bonus of +2 per box of Wrath marked. Furthermore, any physical action related to strength or resilience may(per the GM) include scale regardless of whether Calm is used. The Restless Dead also does not age, breath, or require food.

Relentless Toughness:

Mark one box of Calm to absorb two shifts from a physical attack.

Relentless Recovery:

Outside of conflict, mark one box of Wrath to clear a sticky condition, or two boxes to begin recovery from a lasting condition. These conditions must represent a physical injury or mystic effect.

Additional Stunts:


Relentless Dead with this ability are not hindered by distance or physical barriers in their effort to reach their targets. Their victims may run, but they cannot hide. No matter how far they travel, or how well they defend themselves, the Undead will find them. Nemesis transports the Relentless Dead to the vicinity of her victim. This Power works like teleportation, crossing distance and barriers without hindrance, but it has a number of limitations. First of all, the target of the Power must be an enemy the Undead knows personally and someone the Relentless Dead has a good, driving reason to find. Secondly, the Power does not work if the Relentless Dead can be seen by any creature or being. The Relentless Dead must always disappear and reappear unseen and unnoticed. Typically, the Undead appears in a closet, a dark street alley, or some place where nobody can see her. If the target is in a crowded area, the Relentless Dead appears in the nearest unwatched place. This may be less than helpful if the target is in the middle of a crowded concert, for example. To the Relentless Dead, the Power does not feel like teleportation but more akin to a dream-like run at incredible speeds through city streets, forests, or on the surface of the ocean (once the Nemesis is activated, the Relentless Dead becomes invisible and intangible).

Mark a box of Wrath to declare your convenient arrival in a scene with an enemy via this power from anywhere to anywhere in the world. The GM may require a Guile roll to locate a place with no one watching with a difficulty based on the amount of people in the vicinity. A Focus contest might also be required if the site has Wards protecting it.

Cloak of Shadows:

You can see perfectly in the dark and are immune to any potential effect of normal or magical darkness. Additionally, once per session, you may declare that you automatically succeed at hiding from any non-magical attempt to spot you, provided you have a nearby shadow to hide in.


(requires Cloak of Shadows): You ignore the incorporeality of insubstantial creatures (e.g., ghosts, specters) and affect them as though they were physical.

Minor Stigmata:

By default, Relentless Dead bear the mark of their demise. These signs of death and decay make it impossible to appear as a normal human. Those with this stunt can pass as a normal human. They may have open but bloodless wounds that can be concealed under clothing, pale, gaunt features, and a vaguely “corpse-like” appearance. They may use Guile in a contest against others to pass as humans with a +2 to their roll.

Major Stigmata:

The character is clearly not alive. She may resemble a rotten corpse, bear horrendous wounds, or look like a burn victim. The Relentless Dead cannot pass for a normal human under most circumstances, and she must hide from the sight of people or she will be discovered. They gain a +2 to Create Advantage rolls to intimidate or scare others.

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Mantle - Relentless Dead

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