Mantle - Private Investigator


Private Investigator (Mundane Scale)


Word on the Street: (sticky) [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

You have a wide array of informants, friends on the force, and casual acquaintances who you can go to for information. Mark a box to add +2 to any roll seeking information about people, places, or criminal activity. Recover 1 box at the start of each session. Clear Word on the Street by solving a high profile case.

Gone Too Far: (sticky) [ ]

Mark this condition when you’ve gone too far, pushed an informant too hard, or broke protocol one too many times. You may not mark any boxes of Word on the Street until this condition is cleared. Recover this condition by solving the case you went too far on (which will not clear Word on the Street), or by spending a scene making amends to the party you crossed.


Private Eye:

When searching a location for clues, gain +2 to all Overcome rolls using Focus.

Connect the Dots:

Gain +1 to all Create an Advantage or Overcome rolls relating to piecing together multiple sources of information.


Firearms Training:

Pick one of your approaches. When you attack with a firearm using that approach, gain +1.

The Usual Suspects:

Once per session, you may declare that you have previously worked with any criminal NPC that the GM introduces, providing +2 when you use Flair to overcome any obstacles that require you to persuade or charm the NPC.

Friend on the Force:

You have a connection with the local police. Once per session, mark a box of Word on the Street to gain access to a restricted or otherwise inaccessible area.

Scene of the Crime:

You have an unmatched eye for detail. When visiting a location you previously searched, you may immediately determine what has changed.

Sharp Eyes, Sharp Ears:

When Creating an Advantage related to snooping around and listening in on others, you gain one extra free invoke.


Written by: Swammyjoe

Mantle - Private Investigator

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