Mantle - Musician



You’re a talented and accomplished artist whose medium is music and song. You’re able to make a living performing and may even be a local or regional celebrity. Half of people want to know you, the other half want to BE you.


It’s a Gig Economy (special) [X]:

This condition is always marked. You’re a known professional entertainer and can get into virtually any place where people gather without a roll. If you’re caught somewhere you aren’t normally authorized to be you can use the guise of being a performer to explain your presence and convince people to let you remain (or at least leave unharmed). A potential downside is that people tend to recognize you, even if they can’t remember why.

Fame is a Fickle Food (sticky)[ ]:

Mark this box when you’ve fallen out of favor with your adoring audience for some reason (the GM will let you know). Perhaps you’ve made a faux pas, you’ve publicly embarrassed yourself, been outed as a fraud or sell out, etc. While this condition is marked you can’t benefit from It’s a Gig Economy and may have issue using the stunts associated with this mantle (GM discretion).


Captivating Presence:

You command the attention of others and can set the mood of an entire room if you want. Take +2 whenever you use Flair to create advantage by making yourself the center of attention, either through performance or by causing a scene.

Gossip Girl:

You gather useful bits of information from gossip and rumors. Once per session you can ask the GM what you’ve heard about a topic and get a reliable answer.

Haunting Performance:

You can tailor your performance to affect an individual or specific group of individuals, and given enough time, you can move them in unexpected ways. Upon performing your set, you gain +2 to initiate recovery actions of any psychological or emotional conditions that have been inflicted upon them. You can only attempt to treat a specific audience in this way once per session.


The Public Eye:

Take an extra invoke when creating an advantage that exploits your public persona.

Open Book:

When speaking with someone else, you can learn one of their aspects, without rolling, by revealing to them one of your own.


Spend a Fate point to gain the complete trust and willing service of one nameless NPC who has heard you sing.

Exit, Stage Left:

Once per session, you can disappear immediately from a location from which you could physically leave, if no one is watching you at the moment.

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Mantle - Musician

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