Mantle - Murder Spirit


MANTLE – Murder Spirit

These evil spirits from the Nevernever and prey upon the fears (and deaths) of mortals. They are, thankfully, very rare and are somewhat territorial with other supernatural baddies. Often times the areas they claim as their own are relatively quiet. Aside from the occasional grisly murder.


Intermittently Incorporeal:

Mark 1 box of Killer Instinct to become Incorporeal for a scene. This allows
the spirit to escape through solid objects/walls but prevents the spirit from physically harming anything or anyone. If all boxes of Killer Instinct are marked this stunt becomes active continuously.

Cloak of Shadows:

See perfectly in the dark, immune to any effect of magical darkness. 1/session declare you automatically succeed at hiding from any non‐magical attempt to find you providing you have a shadow close by to hide in.

Narrative Gremlins:

Mark 1 box of Killer Instinct to cause a technological item to cease functioning for a scene. If used against your Heart’s True Desire then this stunt is free 1/scene.

My Many Hats:

By killing someone (they don’t actually have to stalk and murder them) the murder spirit can steal someone’s outward appearance. Visually there is no difference but the flesh is made of extoplasm and feels somewhat cold and lifeless (and squishy). This costs 1 box of Killer Instinct.


Killer Instinct (sticky) 

Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to power a murder spirit’s stunts. If taken out while Killer Instinct is filled you will murder the first mortal person you see.

My Heart’s True Desire 

Mark this condition when you choose a victim to murder. This is not about killing but rather the spirit insinuates itself into the victim’s life as thoroughly as possible. This is a hunting followed by a calculating murder. Learning a person’s schedule, the layout of their home and/or office, the routes they walk home, etc. Simply walking up and stabbing someone just…doesn’t quite cut it. For each roll you make in conjunction with preparing the victim for murder you clear one box of Killer Instinct when the victim is murdered by you. When active this condition allows the Murder spirit to enter across any threshold that the victim, usually a mortal, can cross or is invited to enter. Also, when active, the murder spirit gains a new Approach, Murderous, at +4 that can be used in all instances related to stalking and killing their victims.

Faded 

Mark this condition when all boxes of Killer Instinct are marked or to eliminate all damage from a single attack once. The murder spirit becomes insubstantial until it clears out one or more boxes from Killer Instinct. The spirit becomes immune to any attack that does not affect insubstantial spirits but will be unable to affect the physical world outside of murdering their Heart’s True Desire when chosen.

Created by: Nicholas Hopkins


Mantle - Murder Spirit

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