Mantle - Minor Talent


MINOR TALENT (Supernatural Scale)

You are a mortal that possesses a minor supernatural power, whether from some long-forgotten arcane lineage, exposure to the supernatural, or through sheer willpower and belief. Create your character per a mortal mantle of your choice, then add the conditions and stunts below. Minor Talent stunts operate at Supernatural scale (p.182).


Strained (sticky): [][][][][]

Mark one of this conditions five boxes to use your minor talent for a whole scene. The exact specifics of the recovery action vary depending on the power, but always requires a create advantage action to establish the right circumstances (a meditative trance, yoga stretches, et cetera) and an overcome action to cleanse the track against opposition equal to the marked boxes of Strained.

If you are taken out while Strained, the consequences could be dire: these are based on the power and at GM’s discretion. Upside is this will also clear your Strained track.


You have a single supernatural stunt that represents your minor talent. You may create this stunt from scratch or take an existing supernatural power (good examples can be found on p.157 under the True Fae mantle). Your minor talent is subject to GM approval.


Extra Mojo:

You can tap into extra mojo when you using your talent. If you’ve marked all boxes of Strained, you make mark two boxes of Stress to use your power for a scene.

Paranetter (see p.121)

You may also choose any additional stunts listed under your mortal mantle.

Created by: Roll For Your Fate


Mantle - Minor Talent

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