Mantle - Everyman


The Everyman (Mundane Scale)

You’re a normal person. You work a 9-5 job and go home to a family in the suburbs. Maybe you’re an insurance adjustor, a car salesmen, or a schoolteacher. You’ve never encountered the Supernatural, or perhaps you encountered it once and locked the memory away in the deepest crevice of your mind. Either way, you’re wholly unprepared for the new world opening up before you.


Profession: [x]

This condition is always marked. You have a steady job or form of income. One of your aspects (beyond your High Concept) should relate to this. Your job should be fairly mundane, and not be better covered by one of the existing mantles. You should discuss with the GM what experience and training the job provides.

Sanity: [][][][][]

This condition represents your slow descent into the world of the Supernatural, and the madness that comes with it. Mark a box after failing an Overcome action upon seeing an unknown horror, or after being successfully mentally attacked by a Supernatural creature (both at the GM’s discretion). Each time you mark a box, you gain a new Temporary Aspect relating to the situation. If all boxes are marked and you would be forced to mark an additional box, instead mark Doomed. If Doomed cannot be marked, the character is lost to insanity. Recover 1 box after a period of “normalcy”, often 1 or 2 sessions, without encountering a horror. Recover any number of boxes after Supernatural healing or aid.


Right Man For The Job:

Choose one approach. Gain +2 to all actions taken with that approach that are related to your Profession.

Oh To See A Friendly Face:

You’ve been around the block a few times, or you made a great first impression. Once per session you may declare that you have a rapport with a GM introduced character that could be related to your Profession. Gain +2 to all social actions when interacting with that character.

And one additional stunt, either custom created or from the list below.


Faith Perseveres:

You’re deeply faithful. Once per scenario, you may either ignore a situation that would require you to mark a box of Sanity or ignore the effects of Scale for one action.

Laid Down Roots:

Once per session, as long as you are near an area you’re familiar with, you may declare that you have a contact who might be able to help with a problem. In terms of aid, treat this as if you had marked a box of In Debt.

Tools of the Trade:

Your Profession requires specialized tools or equipment, which just so happen to be great for solving the problem you face. Once per session, you may declare you have just the right item on hand, as long as the item is related to your job, to either make a task easier or even the Scale of the situation (a librarian might have a rare book or a keycard to access a off limits University building, a science teacher might have a potent chemical, a travelling salesmen might have a hotel Bible, etc).

With GM permission, a single stunt from another Pure Mortal mantle might be acceptable, if it is relatable to the Profession chosen. Be careful though, too much overlap may mean it’s better to use a different Mantle.

Created by: Swammyjoe


Mantle - Everyman

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