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The City of Seattle

Seattle, a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Washington State’s largest city, it’s home to a large tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area. The futuristic Space Needle, a 1962 World’s Fair legacy, is its most iconic landmark.

Other major sites include historic Pike Place Market (home to the original Starbucks), nearby Olympic Sculpture Park and the Museum of Flight, with the Boeing Company’s original plant. Grunge music raised Seattle’s profile in the 1990s, and the city is still home to a vibrant independent music scene, as well as the EMP Museum, dedicated to popular music and culture. The city’s also known for its serious coffeehouse and farm-to-table dining scenes.

Seattle was founded in the 1850s and named after Chief Seattle, or Sealth. It has a total estimated city population of 573,000 and a metropolitan population of almost 3.8 million (2005). It is sometimes referred to as the “Rainy City,” the “Gateway to Alaska,” “Queen City” and “Jet City” (due to the heavy influence of Boeing). Its official nickname is “the Emerald City.”

Factions of Seattle

DFFAE_CityofSeattle_blue2.pngThere are many factions in Occult Seattle. Too many to list here. Some notable factions that are not on this list include the Summer Fae who admittedly don’t have much of a presence in the city, the Kulikova Clan of ghouls who are mainly found guarding the extensive tunnels in the Seattle Underground that lead to many places in the Nevernever, and the mysterious and brutal Tora Sagami clan of shadow warriors who enforce the Conclaves edicts.

Fomor Mercer Family

Other Factions

These factions are important but not as active as some of the others.

Eastern Temple Kulikova Clan White Council of Wizards

Black Monday


On Monday September 25, 2006 the Leviathan, one of the many names for a Mad God who wants to supplant our reality with his own, nearly gained access to this world. He was thwarted through the efforts of Warden Zebidiah Einar and his allies but the city of Seattle was ravaged by unprecedented storms followed by the most powerful recorded earthquake in Washington state history. The city was devastated and at least three thousand died with hundreds missing. This was followed by a mysterious madness that seemed to strike the city’s populace causing massive riots centered around the University District and Capital Hill. The National Guard was finally called in after 2 days and the riots ended.

Battered and broken the Emerald City is now rebuilding. Only time will tell if it can fully recover from such a heavy blow on what the media has christened as Black Monday.




What follows is the results of the City Creation from the original Dresden Files Roleplaying Game from Evil Hat. Our group went through this process 7 years ago and created our Emerald City and it has grown and changed over the course of the campaign. The Dresden Files Accelerated uses alternate City Creation rules relying on Factions but I wanted to include this information here for completeness.


Player Characters


David Clay


Created in the aftermath of WWII in the Ghettos of NYC, David was used by the elderly Rabbi who created him to defend the Jewish community, but the fight expanded to a larger scale as they teamed up with an assortment of minor talents and good hearted humans, to fight the minor monsters that plagued the tenements of New York. David has since moved to Seattle to open a small law office and works with young Charlie Kress and Solomon Castrostrani to bring a measure of protection to the citizens of the Emerald City.

Fergus Mac Cormaic


Fergus Mac Cormaic was born a Changeling and like all of his kind he had a choice to make. Accept the mantle of the Fae or become fully human. As far as he knew there was no going back once he had decided. He chose to become human for the love of his fiance, Anna Maria Avila and their unborn child. He was completely surprised when his Uncle, a Wyld Fae Guardian of the Seventh Gate, died in his arms at his home in New York City. His uncle’s power passed to the nearest available vessel. Fergus himself. Since then he has had to avoid The Fomor, who covet his power, and moved to Anna’s home city of Seattle. He is doing his best to maintain his human life while using his power to help those who need protection.

Jack Youngblood


Jack Youngblood is a young wizard with a troubled past. As a child he rejected his overbearing parent’s and got into a lot of trouble with the law both mystical and mortal. This all changed when one of his rebellious acts led to the love of his young life being possessed by a Denarian Demon who nearly sacrificed his younger sister in a ritual that threatened the entire world. His father was able to drive off the demon but was left in a coma. Since then Jack has dedicated himself to becoming the best Warden he can be in honor of his parents. He recently lost his status as a Warden because he chose to protect his newly discovered half-brother, Charlie Kress instead of driving off the Fomor in Portland.

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The mantle selected for a character encompasses their character type, general role in the game, and place in the supernatural or mortal world. Each mantle comes with a package of stunts and conditions that help the character fulfill their roll. Below are a selection of Mantles developed by the players of the campaign and other, outside sources.

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