Kulikova Clan



Rebuild the Clan and continue to defend the Seattle Underground from any interlopers.

Secret Goal:

Unknown. Although it is certain that the Knife of Hunger might have his own agenda.


The Seattle Underground is vast and was fundamentally altered by Black Monday, Encroaching gangs and factions like The Pack, The Shioma Clan and The Fomor


A clan of ghouls led by Vitally Kulikova and his new master, The Knife of Hunger – Nôž Hladu


Depleted numbers. Limited resources.


Hold the Line!

Next Steps:

Gain allies or coerce others into helping to map the full extent of the Underground.


Vitaly Kulikova

In the late 1970s the Kulikova Clan of ghouls, led by a ghoul known as Vitaly Kulikova, moved into the Seattle Underground. The fact that Cyrus Grey did not destroy them has been a topic of much speculation in the supernatural community though no one seems to know why he has allowed them to live in his tunnels. Safe passage to the Underground must be negotiated with Vitaly although he makes no promises of safety from Cyrus Grey or any of the other monstrous denizens of the Underground.

Vitaly is an ambitious ghoul who rules his powerful clan with an iron fist. He has ties to the Red and White Courts and often provided disposal services if a vampire got out of control when feeding. He also served as Cyrus Grey’s right hand meting out his edicts with ruthless efficiency. Even Dozer of The Pack stayed out of the ghoul’s business essentially ceding Pioneer Square to Kulikova ghouls and by extension the Red Court Vampires that hunt there.


Cyrus Grey
Clan Kulikova was struck a heavy blow on Black Monday and in the events that followed it. The loss of Cyrus Grey and over half of his ghouls to Sawney Bean’s madness has left Vitally in a desperate situation. The Seattle Underground was altered by the near release of the Leviathan and many creatures that were kept in check by Grey’s efforts are now slowly becoming aware of his absence. Additionally many passages through the Nevernever and the Seattle Underground network have been changed. This leaves Vitally in a very desperate situation.


The Knife of Hunger has recently wrested control of the Kulikova Clan of Ghouls from its leader, Vitaly Kulikova. He was soundly defeated in a trial by combat and bides his time until he can retake his role as leader. It is unclear if the Clan’s mandate will change with the new leader but so far, the Knife has shown no interest in the Underground. So far, he does allow the Clan to attend to their duties to patrol the underground without interference.

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