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Black Monday

After the disasters of Black Monday many in the supernatural community realized that something needed to be done to prevent something like that from occurring again. Aaron Mercer did a very good job of convincing the major players in the Emerald City that Lord Montague, who had pretty much ruled Seattle for decades, could not handle the problem by himself. Oddly, Montague acceded to the suggestion of forming a ruling council with little protest. Which frankly scared the Hell out of some of those who knew the old vampire. Eventually it was agreed that a Conclave of Emerald would be formed and meet every month on the New Moon to deal with any threats or problems that would disturb the peace or safety of the supernatural communities of Seattle. Below is a list of the members to be found on the Conclave:


Aaron Mercer
Emerson Lake
Jack Youngblood
Hrolf Helgarson
Dragon Lady
Takahashi Hidenori

The first major hurdle to face the Conclave was the issue of how to enforce its edicts. In the past Monty had simply had White Court Vampires, most notably his daughter, Delilah Montague, mete out justice as he saw fit. This was very effective because he was not capricious about it and was respected by almost all in the region.

However, while securing The Pack’s participation for the Battle of Buel Hall, Lord Montague had promised Dozer that he would give him enforcement powers within the city. This gave The Pack a very legitimate claim to the position but some protested this move because of The Pack’s savage reputation and illicit activities not to mention Dozer’s well known prejudice against vampires.

Aaron Mercer was very vocal in his protests and has lobbied for Trey Wellington’s Red Court Vampires to fulfill the role. Some have suggested the Kulikova Clan as an alternative. The problem with that is that Vitally Kulikova has his hands full dealing with the power vacuum left in the Seattle Underground with Cyrus Grey’s passing. Also the Kulikova lost a lot of ghouls at the hands of Sawney Bean’s Thralls. At this point the Council is at an impasse and many fear a full scale war between Wellington and Dozer is inevitable.


Lord Montague has been forced to flee Seattle leaving his seat open on the Conclave. Aaron Mercer has wasted little time consolidating his position as the head of the Conclave even if it is in name only. For now.
Dozer and the Pack were significantly weakened when a disciple of Chernobog nearly took them over and caused several wolves to go on a rampage in Pioneer Square. The Conclave voted the Pack’s bid as enforcers down in reaction to the assault. After some deliberation The Dragon Lady proposed that the Tora Shagami Clan from the Eastern Temple become the Conclave’s enforcers and Mercer maneuvered the vote to make sure that happened.


Reverend Charlie

The Eastern Temple was formed in the 1800’s as a coalition of the Eastern supernatural with representatives from many major supernatural communities in the East, from the fey courts to the White Council. It has stood against supernatural threats for nearly two centuries has recently moved to the West following the migrant populations of Eastern nations. The Eastern Temple has had representatives in Seattle for the last 50 years. Reverend Charlie is the current leader of the Eastern Temple in Seattle although he leads quietly letting his charges achieve enlightenment through their own efforts. Some have questioned this philosophy especially in light of Osamu Nishimura’s (西村修) high visibility activities of late. Some have suggested that a better leader with a more secretive and proactive philosophy is needed. Whether this is part of the ancient feud being played out within the Temple by two secret rival factions remains to be seen.


Takahashi Hidenori
The Conclave of Emerald has recently declared the Tora Shagami Clan of the Eastern Temple the Enforcers of Conclave Edicts. Takahashi Hidenori has sworn that he will gladly take up the burden along with his Tiger Clan. He said he will enforce the edicts of the Conclave with zest and that dissent will not be tolerated.


Vitaly Kulikova

In the late 1970s the Kulikova Clan of ghouls, led by a ghoul known as Vitaly Kulikova, moved into the Seattle Underground. The fact that Cyrus Grey did not destroy them has been a topic of much speculation in the supernatural community though no one seems to know why he has allowed them to live in his tunnels. Safe passage to the Underground must be negotiated with Vitaly although he makes no promises of safety from Cyrus Grey or any of the other monstrous denizens of the Underground.

Vitaly is an ambitious ghoul who rules his powerful clan with an iron fist. He has ties to the Red and White Courts and often provided disposal services if a vampire got out of control when feeding. He also served as Cyrus Grey’s right hand meting out his edicts with ruthless efficiency. Even Dozer of The Pack stayed out of the ghoul’s business essentially ceding Pioneer Square to Kulikova ghouls and by extension the Red Court Vampires that hunt there.

Black Monday
Clan Kulikova was struck a heavy blow on Black Monday and in the events that followed it. The loss of Cyrus Grey and over half of his ghouls to Sawney Bean’s madness has left Vitally in a desperate situation. The Seattle Underground was altered by the near release of the Leviathan and many creatures that were kept in check by Grey’s efforts are now slowly becoming aware of his absence. Additionally many passages through the Nevernever and the Seattle Underground network have been changed. This leaves Vitally in a very desperate situation.



The Pack is a motorcycle gang founded by Dozer some 15 years ago. The ability of some of its members to turn into powerful werewolves is not fully understood. However, because of Dozer’s association with Craig Big Eagle, there is some speculation that it might have something to do with using a powerful ritual to bind a person’s soul to a wolf spirit allowing them functionally become werewolves. Dozer has used this power along with his SEAL training to become one of the premier players in the region. The Pack has a hand in several illegal activities in Seattle including selling pot (their biggest money maker), smuggling, prostitution, theft and even muscle for hire. Few can challenge them in ferocity and Dozer has proven to be a cunning leader able to rely on subtle maneuvering when it is needed. The Pack also protects their territory from any intruding predators with a zeal that borders on fanaticism.

Black Monday
As seen in the Cauldron of Murder Dozer and his Pack fought in the bloody battle on the campus of the University of Washington. To secure his aid in the battle Lord Montague promised to give the Pack authority within the newly founded Conclave of Emerald. Dozer wants The Pack to become the enforces of the Conclave’s edicts. At this point he has a rival for that role with the Red Court Vampires. His hatred of the vampires was only increased by Trey Wellington’s actions during the battle and this competition between the two groups might lead to a full scale war.


The Pack was nearly taken over by a disciple of Chernobog which ultimately led to over half of its members, including the mighty Dozer, losing their wolf. Dozer and several of the Pack have left the city to try and reconnect with their wolf while the rest have remained behind to try and maintain their power base. They are currently being lead by Callisto although some of the older members have grumbled about a woman being in charge. The Pack has never been in a weaker position and they are preparing for any challenges to their supremacy planning to overcome their reduced numbers with ruthless action.


Francios Dumonde

Led by Trey Wellington the Red Court’s presence in Seattle has increased in recent years. Wellington’s rivalry with the Pack’s Dozer is legendary throughout the city. It has even been rumored that Wellington might be responsible for the death of the werewolf’s wife and child. However, if that were true it is unlikely that they would both be alive at this point as restraint isn’t exactly one of Dozer’s virtues. Wellington has never taken credit for her death (which, given his arrogance, he surely would have if he was involved) but he has never denied it either. It is unclear what ties, if any, Wellington has to Francoise Dumonde. Although he has been seen to defer to the senior vampire on several occasions.

Black Monday
After Black Monday Wellington has petitioned Lord Montague for a place as the enforcers of the Conclave. This has put the White Court Vampire in a very tenuous situation as certain obligations between himself and the Red Court require him to acquiesce yet he had promised The Pack the position. The recent arrival of Aaron Mercer on the scene has only complicated matters as he has backed Wellington’s position publicly.


Wellington was killed by Jack Youngblood while transported back in time to 1934. It is unclear if there is a power vacuum left by his death or if the Red Court is even aware that Youngblood was behind it.


Harry Dresden brought an end to the White Council’s war with the Red Court of Vampires destroying them all. There is a power vacuum in the city now where they once ruled.


Silvio Khlores

While there are many Changelings of Summer in the Emerald City, Silvio Khlores is the most open representative of the Seelie Court in the area. However, there are several rumors that he has his own agenda and is more interested in resurrecting the Spring Court than advancing the Summer Court’s interests. Perhaps this disloyalty was why Lily, unable to strip him of his title or his demesne, stripped Silvio of his favor in the court and appointed him as Ambassador to the Autumn Throne, a seat that has stood empty since before the city of Seattle grew around it. Silvio now finds himself forced to spend most of his time in the dreary mortal city of Seattle without resources or friends with the exception of Zebidiah Einar an aging Warden who has called on Silvio in the past and his love Maggie Simpkins.


Markus Veit

The Venatori Umborium are a collection of men and women around the world who have knowledge of the supernatural community and a community of support and means to effect them. In the war between the Red Court and White Council, the Venatori have made bold attacks in shutting down Red Court resources (like bank accounts), discrediting Red Court members in positions of power and even having raids where Red Court members will disappear off the map. Some believe that members of the Venatori would act to destroy some supernatural creatures simply because they exist. Ronald Parker is the current leader in Seattle but Roy Mullenix is a far more visible member of the order. However, few know of the order’s existence or that the Hero Detective is a part of it.


The Venatori Umbrorum have recently made a lot of waves in Seattle. They were behind attacks on several supernaturals which left their targets dead, burned at the stake. The mystical community in Seattle was terrorized by the well organized and executed assaults. The Venatori even unsuccessfully attempted to wipe out the Pack in a showdown at a warehouse in the U-district. Because of their actions the Tora Shagami clan’s first official act as the Conclave’s enforcers was to end the Venatori’s reign of terror. They succeeded in destroying most of the Hunters although their leader, Ronald Parker, escaped.
There are rumors that Ronald Parker was being mentally dominated by some entity with a political agenda who used the Hunters to wipe out their competition. It should be noted that almost all of the targets (including the Pack) had worked with Lord Montague in the past. Roy Mullinex was apparently not part of the attacks and it appears that he had been ostracized by Parker’s cell. Markus Veitt has been rumored to have taken over the local cell in the Seattle area although that is unconfirmed. It remains unclear if the Conclave would welcome the Venatori’s presence in the city or if they would see them as an enemy and continue to pursue a policy of no tolerance.


Zebidiah Einar

Wizards of the White Council have thrived in the Emerald City throughout its history from its founding to the devastating events of Black Monday. Artemis Miller lived in Seattle the longest having moved to the city just after its founding. Few knew of him though because he remained dedicated to his research living the life of a hermit until his recent death.

In the early years of the 20th Century three young wizards from Seattle distinguished themselves as Wardens of the White Council. John Francis Youngblood Jr., his wife, Allison Youngblood and their dearest friend Zebidiah Einar were up and coming stars within the White Council and their services were invaluable during the War of Kemmler. Sadly Zeb Einar suffered grievous wounds at the end of the war in 1961 and withdrew from society while Alice disappeared in the late 1990s while on a mysterious mission for the White Council. But not before she gave birth to two very gifted children, Jack and Caroline Youngblood.

Jack Youngblood

Jack Youngblood was a loose canon whose irresponsible actions led to his father’s body being trapped in a coma while his disembodied spirit was tied somehow to his Warden’s Sword. Jack has since taken up his father’s sword to atone for his actions and was recently granted the status of Warden. His sister is currently the apprentice of Zeb Einar and is expected to follow her family’s legacy and become a Warden as well. Zeb, as the senior member of the White Council within the city was recently granted a seat on the Conclave of Emerald.


John Youngblood’s body was recently possessed by the Denarion Azael while his soul is trapped within. Jack Youngblood was rumored to have been murdered by the Venatori but he was somehow resurrected which has only added to his street cred. In point of fact he was kidnapped by Azael who wanted to use him as a host. Zeb Einar managed to foil Azael’s plans and rescue Jack but the Old Warden was grievously wounded in the process with a broken back.


Lord Montague

The two most influential families of the White Court of Vampires in the Seattle area have been bitter political rivals if not outright enemies since the founding of the city. The Mercer Family, led by Aaron Mercer, was banished from the Emerald City in 1908 through some nifty political maneuvering by the head of Clan Montague. The infamous Calkins Motel on Mercer Island, the seat of power for the family, was burned to the ground that same night in a tragic fire.

With the Mercer’s out of the picture the Montague Clan thrived gathering power and influence throughout the region and ruling with an iron fist. Then a mysterious coalition of supernatural interests led by an infamous vampire hunter of the Venatori Umbrorum made a surprise attack on the Montague Clan in 1934 that left all but the youngest of them dead.

Young Romeo Montague was a notorious scoundrel and gambler and after his entire family was destroyed he became Lord Montague, White Court Master of the City of Seattle. Unused to the responsibilities of power the young Lord Montague acted brashly and with arrogance which led him into a confrontation with Zebidiah Einar in 1961. He was soundly defeated by the wizard and kept out of the public eye for decades afterward.

20 years ago he resurfaced as Ronald Montgomery and has since created a nearly unassailable power base, both in the White Court and in regional politics. He won the job of Police Commissioner over a decade ago and has ruled the city from that seat with a respectable amount of grace and wisdom since. He kept supernatural powers throughout the city in check and several outsiders from moving in on his territory. While he has many enemies in Seattle who would love to see him toppled most realize that to do so could compromise the safety of everyone in the region.

Aaron Mercer

Black Monday changed all of that. Aaron Mercer was able to use the incident and Montague’s “incompetence” in the matter to end his exile from the Emerald City. He has quietly moved back to his home on Mercer Island and taken a seat on the Conclave of Emerald. He has been building a base of power and opposing Lord Montague’s decisions ever since. There is little doubt that a confrontation is inevitable between the two families.


Lord Montagues’ mortal identity, SPD Chief Ronald Montgomery, has been investigated and charged with multiple crimes. Including the murder of Sid Routman. His power base in Seattle had already eroded because of Black Monday and these accusations forced Montague to flee the city leaving Aaron Mercer as default head of the White Court in Seattle. Mercer has certainly rallied his power base and has become the most influential member of the Emerald City Conclave with few willing to oppose his will.


Odianna of Winter

Odianna of Winter is the most powerful representative of the Winter Court in the Emerald City. While her power in the Winter Court is very limited because of her exile she is a very big fish in a small pond in Seattle. Those who would dare displease the Winter Rose will likely face a painful and messy end at the hands of Mr. Squire. Or if the situation requires more finesse than an Ogre Clan can provide she has recently acquired the services of a warrior known as Content Not Found: mathew-woof-riley who has dispatched her edicts with a ruthless efficiency and professionalism that has terrified those who would defy her.

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