Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood is a bohemian district north of downtown. Fremont is an eclectic, artsy neighborhood of Seattle located in the north-central section of Washington’s largest metropolis. Overlooking Salmon Bay, the small community of Fremont bills itself as “the center of the universe.” It is bordered to the east by the Wallingford neighborhood and to the west by the trendy Ballard neighborhood, it commands a central place in Seattle’s burgeoning growth. Known best for its offbeat and irreverent parades, parties and sidewalk art, Fremont is home to such Seattle landmarks as the Annual Solstice Parade, which is famous for its nude cyclists and quirky celebrations; the Fremont Troll Monument; and the neighborhood’s controversial 7-ton Lenin statue.



The Fremont Trollway is A Bridge to Everywhere. It is the JFK Airport of the Nevernever in the Pacific Northwest. The Fremont Tribe of Trolls has dwelled beneath the Bridges since they were created. The Trolls found that the Bridges have a strange link to the Nevernever and as a result have been affected by it. Fremont Trolls have a natural talent towards Nevernever travel. They are willing to guide others to various destinations throughout the worlds. For a price of course. One enterprising Troll has also opened a Snack bar that serves Starbucks (It is Seattle) which Zeb calls Trollbucks.







The Troll Barista at Trollbucks, the coffeeshop just on the other side as you approach the bridge.




David Jones

LOCATION: Various shops, bars and coffee houses.

If people are doing something in Freemont, David is there, knows the organizers, and has one of the best outfits.


Woodland Park Zoo

The zoo is a major attraction in northern Fremont. Advertised as a 92-acre Conservation-focused attraction, it is one of the world’s rare truths-in-advertising as long as the true focus of conservation is fear. While dressed up as a humanitarian effort that’s appropriate for adults and children, the truth of the park is that it’s largely a humanitarian effort that’s appropriate for adults and children so long as those mortals or changelings in question have not broken a contract with the Summer Court.



The Zoo is, in reality, a minimum security prison facility where specifically mortals are held for the crime of oath-breaking against Summer. Mortals found guilty of breaking a contract can be sentenced to imprisonment in a facility like Woodland Park (of which there are several around the world and in the Nevernever.) Once captured, the mortal is stripped of their mortal form by faerie magic and turned into an animal. They then spend years of their lives trapped in one of the park’s many animal exhibits until their sentence expires, or they do.

Like the rest of Fremont, the Zoo is a sort of crossroads that used to be a major transit center for summer, in addition to being a prison, up until the Great Seattle Quake sent the many portals around the park into utter chaos. Some portals switched places, others closed, yet others started opening deep into the wilds of the Nevernever when they used to open deep into the territories of Summer, and yet others started opening up into completely random locations that change every sun up and sun down. Where the portals of the Zoo used to be free for all faeries of Summer to use, they are now bound where possible by potent Summer magics, only able to be opened at night when the spells that bind them are weakest.

As a result of the portal chaos, many of the more powerful portals cannot be held close even by Summer, and occasionally wyld fae cross over and cause havoc. Most are taken care of by the soldiers of summer that stand guard over the Zoo, but a few have crossed over and run loose.

There are other portals that randomly appear and disappear around the Zoo. Most of them are too small to admit anything truly terrifying, but are of a perfect size to admit the very least of faerie-kind. These portals release hordes of littlefolk night after night; entire chaotic armies of faeries that appear as nothing more than clouds of fire flies that immediately seek to disperse into the surrounding neighborhoods of Seattle. In a strange twist, it is the littlefolk of Seattle that keep these chaotic hordes at bay, meeting them night after night as they come through their portals by the thousand, in tiny but epic battles that light up the sky for literally hundreds of feet in every direction.

The local spider population might help keep them under control as well…


Ramone Lopez

LOCATION: The Gather and Graze Cafe

While most visitors to Woodland Park will take their lunch at the Rain Forest Food Pavilion, those in the know will grab a quick bite at the Gather and Graze Cafe courtesy of Ramone Lopez, a zoo employee who has been cooking lunch at the cafe for as long as anyone can remember. While he’s known by mortal regulars and locals as the best hot dog-man in the zoo-game (he can further cook a mean chilidog, and an amazing corndog) he’s also the Zoo’s head prison guard. Able to wield enough faerie magic to take the form of an ordinary, if gruff-looking human, Ramone is actually the eldest gruff in Woodland Park and reports directly to the Warden.

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