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NAME: Virgil Cole

Virgil Cole

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: The overprotective adoptive Father of Orenda, he drinks way too much
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Virgil Cole is Orenda’s Adopted Father and Mentor as a Monster Hunter,
  • NOTES: They care about each other but tend to fight a lot due to Virgil’s over protectiveness

NAME:Craig Big Eagle

Craig Big Eagle

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Altruistic, wise and deeply connected to the local Native American tribes.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: He is very much an Uncle/Father figure. He rescued Orenda and brought her to Seattle and put her into the hands of Cole.
  • NOTES: A powerful shaman with deep spiritual connections to the Seattle region.

NAME: Diesel


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Smart, independent and in love with Callisto.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: One of Orenda’s few true friends left in The Pack
  • NOTES: A disciple of Craig Big Eagle and a budding shaman.


NAME: Callisto


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Charismatic, skilled, chip on her shoulder.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Orenda and Callisto used to be best of friends, but since Orenda returned alone after Dozers change and Callistos rise to leader of The Pack, their relationship has become strained. Callisto holds Orenda responsible for failing to save Dozer. Callisto also sees Orenda as a rival even though she does not seek to become alpha.
  • NOTES: There are still hopes they can reignite their friendship but only time will tell.

NAME: Sam Volkov

Sam Volkov

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Formerly corrupt cop seeking redemption. Also has connection to the wolf within him.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: When Orenda is tracking a Monster she tends to go to Sam to see if the police have any information they can share with her. They don’t always see eye to eye as her methods can be feral, but he is still willing to help as she has helped him with a few collars in the past. She also immediately sensed the Wolf Spirit within him.
  • NOTES: Due to his wolf and her abilities they have gained a grudging respect for each other.

NAME: Aunt B

Aunt B

  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Orenda has had to use her services in her line of work a time or two, to heal her own a client or someone she has rescued, she will also go to Aunt B if she needs a medical opinion on a wound if necessary.
  • NOTES:


NAME: Dozer


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Corrupted by Chernobog, cold and aloof and HUNGRY
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Dozer and Orenda once had a mentor/Lover relationship and now are enemies due to Dozers Corruption
  • NOTES: Orenda is holding out hope she can somehow cure Dozer and bring him home

NAME: Barry Goldman

Barry Goldman

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: murderous, nerdy, loser and now the host to the Denarian Demon Azael
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Almost destroyed The Pack, and the one that Corrupted Dozer with Chernobog and caused strife between her and The Pack
  • NOTES: Orenda wants him very much dead, would like to rip his throat out with her own teeth

NAME: Alexander Orlov

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Hard Charging Cop with a hatred of Bikers and an distinctly low opinion of women, especially strong women and women in power. Doesn’t believe in the supernatural,
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Orenda had to report Alexander for harassment multiple times, The Pack have also reported him for harassment. He still harasses Orenda and The Pack, hoping one day he can put them behind bars.
  • NOTES: He has been denied promotion on many occasions and blames Orenda and the women above him for that.

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