3x3x3 Kerouac



NAME: Mairia Kowalski

Mairia Kowalski

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Cheerful, curious, animal-lover.
  • NOTES: Clued-in Woodland Park Zoo Veterinarian. Of American-East Indian descent, with a degree in veterinary medicine from U-dub. A Seattle local who cares about animals, especially the ones that can talk (she owns like 6 parrots).

NAME: Kristen Lee

Kristen Lee

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Loves cats, kitchen-witch, everybody’s grandma
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: Husband died 20 years ago but still hangs around, almost always has one of her six daughters taking care of her, can speak to cats as though they were people.
  • NOTES: Knew Kerouac was not a cat the moment they first met but likes him anyway and gives the best scratches and treats. Kerouac will die for this woman. The Not-So Crazy Cat-Lady

NAME: Emmie Mercer

Emmie Mercer

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Courageous, compassionate, and competent.
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: Daughter of Aaron Mercer. Chose to be human instead of a White Court Vampire. Worked at the Radcliffe Clinic on Capitol Hill before it was blown up. Dating Leif Wotensen
  • NOTES: Caught Kerouac’s attention when she proved herself brave enough to work with him even knowing that he was a faerie.


NAME: Lord-Sir-Knight Tweet-Tweet, Duke of Feathers, and his loyal mount Peck-Peck


  • QUIRKS/PERSONALITY: Respectful, honorable, and knowledgeable.
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: Servant of the King of Seattle, one of the little-folk.
  • NOTES: Small faerie that rides a battle-pigeon wearing armored barding made from aluminum cans. Carries a wooden lance.

NAME: Wayne Karmine

Wayne Karmine

  • QUIRKS/PERSONALITY: The City’s Busiest Barista, Hard-working, close-listening, invisible.
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: No solid ties except to his single father.
  • NOTES: Changeling, uncertain about the choice, uncertain about his education, uncertain about his girlfriend, uncertain about his life outside of his job. Hears everything that goes on in the Seattle PD, Courthouse, and Mayor’s office because they all get their coffee from him.

NAME: Chulyen, the Raven God of Trickery

  • TIES/BACKGROUND: Trickster god of the Haida tribe, unaligned with Summer and Winter.
  • NOTES: Older than either Tad or Kerouac and far more dangerous, usually neutral but always knows far more than he lets on.


NAME: Harold Gray


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Skeevy, mean, opportunistic, Animal Control Officer
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: City animal control officer, and all-around scumbag. The absolute last person who should be left in charge of peoples’ pets, but somehow has a badge and just a little bit of authority. He’s the kind of guy who laughs when a cop shoots someone’s dog.
  • NOTES: He’s got some kind of side-hustle involving animals. Not every animal he catches winds up at the shelter. He’s been trying to catch Kerouac for years and has managed it twice. Both times Kerouac escaped. Once with the help of Hiroko Noshimuri.

NAME: Tad the Trickster

Tad the Trickster

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Mischievous & Relentless Trickster
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: True Summer Fae, serves Woman in White on occasion
  • NOTES: while most of his pranks are just mischievous, they always seem to escalate until someone is killed. Tad is a sociopath and a bit of a brat.

NAME: Squire


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Serious, Savage, and a lot smarter than he looks.
  • TIES/BACKGROUND: Winter Fae Ogre Clan Leader, Sworn fealty to Odianna of Winter and her personal bodyguard.
  • NOTES: I haven’t pissed off Odianna of Winter yet. I’ve just pissed off Squire. Personally.


3x3x3 Kerouac

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