3x3x3 Jack Youngblood


NAME: Abigail Youngblood

Abigail Youngblood

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Passionate, knowledgeable, strong-willed.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Jack’s wife and mother of their missing child. As a former host of a Denarion she possesses great knowledge of the supernatural.
  • NOTES: Stage IV Cancer was cured by the The Djinni at Jack’s wish. Desperately seeking her missing little girl.

NAME: Leif Wotensen

Leif Wotensen

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Son of Odin. Doctor Hero.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Abby’s doctor and Jack’s good friend.
  • NOTES: Rides a sentient motorcycle. Expert on Norse mythology.

NAME: Bruno Walsh

Bruno Walsh

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Quiet, steady, humble.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Jack and Bruno met through Craig Big Eagle who introduced Bruno to his Totem. Bruno has a hard time controlling Yuquot’s appetites and his temper. Jack has been key in helping him with that and Bruno will often help him out on difficult cases.
  • NOTES: Jack and Bruno are both on similar paths to redemption. Bruno is involved in a loose Lodge of Craig’s students and has been known to ask Jack for help from time to time.


NAME: Callisto


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Charismatic, skilled, chip on her shoulder.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Jack and Callisto met through the now deceased LOBO years ago. He immediately turned on his patented charm, but she rejected his advances. The two of them argued constantly but there is an attraction there that is noticeable by those perceptive enough to see past the screaming.
  • NOTES: Current Alpha of The Pack.

NAME: Eric Laufey

Eric Laufey

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Charming, intelligent, untrustworthy.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Jack and Eric have similar tastes in music and mischief. Before he got married they have been known to go out for an night on the town from time to time and are as close as their natures will allow.
  • NOTES: Scion of Loki.

NAME: Adrian Huggins

Adrian Huggins

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Intellectual, nervous, cowardly.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Adrian and Jack have worked multiple cases.
  • NOTES: Adrian is the Scion of Hugnin and Mugnin, Odin’s Ravens of thought and memory. He is one of the foremost experts on all things supernatural in the region. He works at the UW library.


NAME: Azael


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Unfathomable, Demonic, Evil.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Formerly possessed Abigail and Jack’s father’s body. Is now in Barry Goldman’s body.
  • NOTES: A Denarian who has haunted Jack for most of his adult life. Wants Jack or his siblings as a host.

NAME: Barry Goldman

Barry Goldman

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: murderous, nerdy, loser
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: accountant by day, pathetic occultist by night high priest of the Black God, Chernobog. Currently the host for the Demon, Azael.
  • NOTES: Is desperate to get recognition (POWER). Constantly seeks out the occult, but got himself into too much trouble and was saved by Jack. Wants to find a way to steal Jack’s power.

NAME: JJ Mercer

JJ Mercer

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Ambitious, hungry, flamboyant.
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: JJ is the black sheep of the Mercer family but is the eldest son and inheritor of the Mercer legacy.
  • NOTES: Jack and JJ Mercer have run afoul of each other multiple times. Jack’s disdain for the police has only deepened their rivalry as JJ often takes the role of a police officer to hide his crimes.

Jack Youngblood

3x3x3 Jack Youngblood

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