3x3x3 Hiroko Noshimuri



NAME: Reverend Charlie

Reverend Charlie

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Peaceful, Good-Listener
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Hiroko found herself drawn to Reverend Charlie, almost as if by Fate. He has helped her deal with the death of Hana, and to accept her Destiny against the Darkness.
  • NOTES: Unknown to Hiroko, Reverend Charlie has a secondary motive to recruit her into the Hidden Dragons

NAME: Nora Quinn

Nora Quinn

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Loyal, Dedicated to her Sister
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Hiroko saved Nora from a Penanggalan and the two became friends after that ordeal. Hiroko has joined Nora since in several of her battles against the supernatural
  • NOTES: Hiroko MIGHT have a crush on her, but who knows if the interest is even returned.

NAME: Toshiro Watanabe

Toshiro Watanabe

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Old-Fashioned, Honorable, Mr. Miyagi
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: : Hiroko crossed paths with Toshiro almost accidentally, but quickly saw and admired his skills. She has since sought him out to continue her training with her blade.
  • NOTES: He remains much of a mystery to Hiroko, but she secretly hopes he will truly become her new sensei.


NAME: Solomon Castostrani

Solomon Castostrani

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Haunted, Guilt-ridden, Redemption-Seeking
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Hiroko hunted and nearly killed him for what he is but was convinced otherwise. She restrains her final judgement, watching to see what he does, but does see him as someone with some insight into the Jade Court.
  • NOTES: He is Hiroko’s main source into everything Jade Court. She trusts him and his information, but she still has reservations as to whether he can hold off his ‘infection’

NAME: Fern Frost

Fern Frost

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Friendly, ‘Warm’
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: College Friends Fallen Out Of Touch
  • NOTES: Hiroko knew Fern back at NYU where the Winter Court was hiding her identity, trying to be a normal person. Hiroko kept her identity secret and the favor of that was paid by Fern when she helped Hiroko Escape From New York.

NAME: Hyung-Su-Kim


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Stoic, Dedicated
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: She knows what he is, having seen him through her Sight. He and his clan are especially useful sources of information in her new home.
  • NOTES: His network provides Hiroko with a wealth of information of people and events in I-Town when she needs it. For a price, of course.


NAME: Michelle Shioma

Michelle Shioma

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Flirtatious, Calculating, Vicious
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: A Jade Court Vampire Assassin and member of the Shioma Yakuza Clan. Dispatched to hunt down Hiroko and clean the stain of her existence from The Clans.
  • NOTES: Growing up, Hiroko called Michelle, “Aunt”. The Shioma and Noshimuri Clans were allies up till the death of Hiroko’s father, Hiro, who Michelle personally killed (Hiroko does not know Michelle killed him)

NAME: Takahashi Hidenori

Takahashi Hidenori

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Calculating, Logical, Dangerous
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: The moment she and Reverend Charlie became allies, Takahashi became Hiroko’s enemy
  • NOTES: Hiroko knows very little of him, for now, but knows that her skills are destined to be tested against him

NAME: Yoshimitsu Shioma

Yoshimitsu Shioma

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Cold, Calculating, Confident, Plays the Long Game
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Head of the Shioma Yakuza Clan and a Jade Court Vampire, it is he who has designed the Yakuza’s advancements in to Seattle, seeking to fill the vacuum left by The Red Court.
  • NOTES: One time friend and ally of the Noshimuri Clan

3x3x3 Hiroko Noshimuri

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