3x3x3 Fergus Mac Cormaic

Fergus MacCormaic 3x3x3


NAME: Anna Maria Avila

Anna Maria Avila

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Short Fuse, Daddy’s Prodigal Girl, Momma Bear
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Fergus’ Fiance, Daughter to Raymond Avila
  • NOTES: 6 months pregnant, looking for work as Forensic Accountant

NAME: Gemtriax Theophania

Gemtriax Theophania

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Hidden Depths, Even-keeled, Nurturing
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Greek Animist Healer, high up in the Para-Net, Leader of Judd Creek Commune
  • NOTES: She is quietly working to establish Judd Creek as a regional refuge for Paraneters and their allies.

NAME: Aonghas Mac Cormaic

Aonghas Mac Cormaic

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Mischievous, Dedicated, Powerful
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Fergus’ Fae Cousin, Summer Court warrior-in-training
  • NOTES: Aonghas helped introduce Fergus to his Fae relatives, being near to his relative age, and the two struck up a quick and deep friendship. Aonghas searches for his cousin, after Fergus’ disappearance from New York and the death of his Grandfather; Manus.


NAME: Emanuel Barardo

Aonghas Mac Cormaic

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Arrogant, Avaricious, Entitled
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: A venture capitalist who staked Fergus on his clothing startup. He employed Anna Maria Avila as a forensic accountant at his company; BarTech. He maintains small offices trawlling for talent in most major metropolitan areas in North America.
  • NOTES: His interest in Fergus is mainly financial, though he does like to remind the couple that he was responsible for introducing them. He is beginning to wonder where his investment has gotten to.

NAME: Dušan Branislav

Dušan Branislav

  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Secretive, Cheerful, Brash
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: An old classmate of Fergus’ from Parson’s, who returned to his hometown of Prague, Czechoslovakia after graduation. The two kept in touch for a few years before Dušan agreed to start feeding privileged tech to Fergus from the military textile manufacturer he worked for. They spend a lot of time Skyping about new ways to employ fabric technologies and both have crossed to Atlantic to visit and share ideas in person.
  • NOTES: Dušan is constantly in danger of being found out by corporate and governmental agencies for his casual handling of sensitive information.


NAME: Máire


  • QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Ambitious, Cruel, Betrayed
  • TIES / BACKGROUND: Squire to Fergus’ grandfather; Manus. She disdains Fergus’ choice to become human, though she is more than happy to take his place as the heir-apparent to Manus’ power.
  • NOTES: Fae Warrior, Maybe a dryad?

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Fergus MacCormaic

3x3x3 Fergus Mac Cormaic

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