White Council of Wizards



Identify and recruit new wizards into the White Council and hunt down Law Breakers. Redeem the Councils reputation after Jack Youngblood allowed the Fomor to gain a foothold in Portland.

Secret Goal:

Drive the Fomor out of the region. Gain influence over the local supernatural community and the Conclave of Emerald.


The Fomor, The Mercer Family and other powerful members of the Conclave.


Jack Youngblood, and the The Patient One. Jack has a deep connection to the spirits of the city and to the supernatural community despite his disgrace.


Jack Youngblood’s disgrace has angered many in the city who have suffered from the Fomor’s encroachment, the Patient One’s private ambitions and their divided front. The distant might of the full Council is spread too thin and slow to respond after the War with the Red Court.


Divided We Fall

Next Steps:

Jack: Work with The Paranet to reform the Council’s image.

The Patient One: Establish presence in the city. Remove Jack’s influence.


Artemis Miller

Wizards of the White Council have thrived in the Emerald City throughout its history from its founding to the devastating events of Black Monday. Artemis Miller lived in Seattle the longest having moved to the city just after its founding. Few knew of him though because he remained dedicated to his research living the life of a hermit until his recent death.

Zeb Einar

In the early years of the 20th Century three young wizards from Seattle distinguished themselves as Wardens of the White Council. John Francis Youngblood Jr., his wife, Allison Youngblood and their dearest friend Zebidiah Einar were up and coming stars within the White Council and their services were invaluable during the War of Kemmler. Sadly Zeb Einar suffered grievous wounds at the end of the war in 1961 and withdrew from society while Alice disappeared in the late 1990s while on a mysterious mission for the White Council. But not before she gave birth to two very gifted children, Jack and Caroline Youngblood.

Jack Youngblood

Jack Youngblood was a loose canon whose irresponsible actions led to his father’s body being trapped in a coma while his disembodied spirit was tied somehow to his Warden’s Sword. Jack has since taken up his father’s sword to atone for his actions and was granted the status of Warden. His sister, Caroline Youngblood, is currently the apprentice of Zeb Einar and is expected to follow her family’s legacy and become a Warden as well. Zeb, as the senior member of the White Council within the city had a seat on the Conclave of Emerald.


Caroline Youngblood

John Youngblood Jr.‘s body was possessed by the Denarion Azael while his soul is trapped within. Jack Youngblood was rumored to have been murdered by the The Venatori Umbrorum but he was somehow resurrected which has only added to his street cred. In point of fact he was kidnapped by Azael who wanted to use him as a host. Zeb Einar managed to foil Azael’s plans and rescue Jack but the Old Warden was grievously wounded in the process with a broken back. He was moved to Edinburgh to undergo extensive treatment for his injuries and it is unclear if he will ever walk again. Caroline Youngblood, still his apprentice has accompanied him to Scotland.


Charlie Kress

Jack Youngblood was recently censured by the White Council of Wizards because he abandoned his duties to defend Portland, Oregon from an incursion by the mysterious Fomor. The young Warden had been left with a terrible choice, protect his newfound half brother, Charlie Kress and perhaps find the location of his missing daughter or fight the squamous creatures threatening the Pacific Northwest. In the eyes of the Council he failed his duty and his status of Warden has been suspended pending further review. He is currently mentoring young Charlie along with his wife, Abigail Youngblood.

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