The Conclave of Emerald



Protect Seattle from supernatural threats from within and without. Promote communication with the various factions of the city.

Secret Goal:

Mercer pushed the founding of the Conclave after Black Monday to weaken the grip of his longtime rival, Lord Montague on the city. Mercer continues to manipulate the other members of the Conclave for unknown and likely nefarious ends. It is clear that he sees the Conclave as a place for him to consolidate his power and make sure his old rival never returns.


The Fomor seem intent on invading the city and taking it over. They are the most obvious obstacle of the Conclave although there are countless threats in the world.


The Tora Sagami clan of dark warriors, part of the Eastern Temple, are the new enforcers of the Conclaves edicts. Takahashi Hidenori dispatches percieved threats to the Conclave’s power with zeal. Whether those threats are real or not is a point of some contention.


The Conclave is a slow moving body rife with politics and backstabbing. Just like Mercer wanted it. There are too many disparate voices all with their own agendas.


The Tora Sagami are Zealous Enforcers, Mercer’s Machiavellian Manipulations,

Next Steps:

Remain vigilant for the coming Fomor Incursion and any other threats.


Black Monday

After the disasters of Black Monday many in the supernatural community realized that something needed to be done to prevent something like that from occurring again. Aaron Mercer did a very good job of convincing the major players in the Emerald City that Lord Montague, who had pretty much ruled Seattle for decades, could not handle the problem by himself. Oddly, Montague acceded to the suggestion of forming a ruling council with little protest. Which frankly scared the Hell out of some of those who knew the old vampire. Eventually it was agreed that a Conclave of Emerald would be formed and meet every month on the New Moon to deal with any threats or problems that would disturb the peace or safety of the supernatural communities of Seattle. Below is a list of the members to be found on the Conclave:


Aaron Mercer
Emerson Lake
The Patient One
Hrolf Helgarson
Dragon Lady
Takahashi Hidenori

The first major hurdle to face the Conclave was the issue of how to enforce its edicts. In the past Monty had simply had White Court Vampires, most notably his daughter, Delilah Montague, mete out justice as he saw fit. This was very effective because he was not capricious about it and was respected by almost all in the region.

However, while securing The Pack’s participation for the Battle of Buel Hall, Lord Montague had promised Dozer that he would give him enforcement powers within the city. This gave The Pack a very legitimate claim to the position but some protested this move because of The Pack’s savage reputation and illicit activities not to mention Dozer’s well known prejudice against vampires.

Aaron Mercer was very vocal in his protests and has lobbied for Trey Wellington’s Red Court Vampires to fulfill the role. Some have suggested the Kulikova Clan as an alternative. The problem with that is that Vitally Kulikova has his hands full dealing with the power vacuum left in the Seattle Underground with Cyrus Grey’s passing. Also the Kulikova lost a lot of ghouls at the hands of Sawney Bean’s Thralls. At this point the Council is at an impasse and many fear a full scale war between Wellington and Dozer is inevitable.


Lord Montague has been forced to flee Seattle leaving his seat open on the Conclave. Aaron Mercer has wasted little time consolidating his position as the head of the Conclave even if it is in name only. For now.
Dozer and the Pack were significantly weakened when a disciple of Chernobog nearly took them over and caused several wolves to go on a rampage in Pioneer Square. The Conclave voted the Pack’s bid as enforcers down in reaction to the assault. After some deliberation The Dragon Lady proposed that the Tora Shagami Clan from the Eastern Temple become the Conclave’s enforcers and Mercer maneuvered the vote to make sure that happened.

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