Summer Court



Keep a close eye on Odianna of Winter.
Protect the remaining summer holdings in Seattle such as the Woodland Park Zoo.

Secret Goal:

Many and varied.


An almost total loss of influence in the Inland Northwest going back to the first arrival of the European settlers.


Woodland Park Zoo forms the last remaining Summer stronghold in Seattle. Summer is popular with the little folk of the Seattle Area such as Tweet-Tweet and the Arthurian Knights of the Lid and still has an impressive, if not significant, information gathering network in the area. Seattle is also the current home of Trickster fae such as Tad the Trickster and The Dread Beast Kerouac (as he is known to the little folk).


Their presence in the area is fragile at best, and any major setback could end up driving Summer out of Seattle completely.


Down but not out.

Next Steps:

Re-establish contact with the original tribes of the area and resume the negotiations that broke down in the first place all those years ago.


The Knights of the Lid

The little folk near the zoo have banded together into a faux replica of King Arthur’s court, at least to the best of their limited ability. Rife with spelling and pronunciation errors, this roving knighthood of pidgin and bug riders do their level best to maintain what they believe to be order (although their overall success is observably close to zero).

The War of North 60th Street and Phinney

The intersection of 6th street and Phinney is the home of both Zeek’s Pizza and Windy City Pie. On the roof of Windy City Pie, under a tarp that has been tied down with ropes and bolted to the roof, lies the Styrofoam-packed refrigerator box that the little-folk of Seattle call Kam-a-loot.

Woodland Park Prison

The Woodland Park Zoo is a front for the minimum security wing of the Summer Court’s actual court system. Over half of the animals in the zoo are actually mortal humans who have broken contracts with faeries and were turned into animals after being found guilty by the Red Queen of Wonderland.

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