Player Characters


David Clay


Created in the aftermath of WWII in the Ghettos of NYC, David was used by the elderly Rabbi who created him to defend the Jewish community, but the fight expanded to a larger scale as they teamed up with an assortment of minor talents and good hearted humans, to fight the minor monsters that plagued the tenements of New York. David has since moved to Seattle to open a small law office and works with young Charlie Kress and Solomon Castrostrani to bring a measure of protection to the citizens of the Emerald City.

Fergus Mac Cormaic


Fergus Mac Cormaic was born a Changeling and like all of his kind he had a choice to make. Accept the mantle of the Fae or become fully human. As far as he knew there was no going back once he had decided. He chose to become human for the love of his fiance, Anna Maria Avila and their unborn child. He was completely surprised when his Uncle, a Wyld Fae Guardian of the Seventh Gate, died in his arms at his home in New York City. His uncle’s power passed to the nearest available vessel. Fergus himself. Since then he has had to avoid The Fomor, who covet his power, and moved to Anna’s home city of Seattle. He is doing his best to maintain his human life while using his power to help those who need protection.

Jack Youngblood


Jack Youngblood is a young wizard with a troubled past. As a child he rejected his overbearing parent’s and got into a lot of trouble with the law both mystical and mortal. This all changed when one of his rebellious acts led to the love of his young life being possessed by a Denarian Demon who nearly sacrificed his younger sister in a ritual that threatened the entire world. His father was able to drive off the demon but was left in a coma. Since then Jack has dedicated himself to becoming the best Warden he can be in honor of his parents. He recently lost his status as a Warden because he chose to protect his newly discovered half-brother, Charlie Kress instead of driving off the Fomor in Portland.

Former PCs

Solomon Castostrani


Cursed over 800 years ago for his heinous crimes Solomon Castostrani walks the Earth seeking forgiveness for the unforgivable. His atonement means he lives a half life hungering for the souls of evil doers while fighting to protect the family line he wronged so many centuries ago. He has become the servant of the underworld guardians Ox Head and Horse Face whose duty it is to escort new souls to the afterlife. He takes his job very seriously.

Charles Samuel Kress


Charles Samuel Kress learned at at 7 years old that he was adopted. He had chanced upon his biological mother’ effects in the attic and his mystic sight was activated by the inherent magic in them. After his burgeoning magical powers revealed themselves Charlie’s foster parents explained that they had taken the young man in at his mother’ request. She had been running from some great danger and left him with them to protect him from harm. He eventually learned to control his magic through tutors provided by The Paranet, even training under Elaine Mallory for a time. When Jack Youngblood came across Charlie during the Fomor invasion in Portland he had no idea that they were related. That they shared the same mother. That fact was revealed by the demon, Azael who murdered Charlie’s foster parents. Jack made the choice to save Charlie from the demon instead of facing the Fomor who gained a beachhead in the Rose City. Charlie has since moved to Seattle where he is being raised by a kindly professor from UW and is learning magic from Jack and his wife, Abigail while trying to navigate the mine field that his high school. He works as an investigator for David Clay’s law office after school.

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