Mantle - Wielder of an Artifact


Wielder of an Artifact

This represents a person who has acquired and mastered control of a very powerful magical item. Based on the Knight of the Cross mantle.

Unique Conditions:

On a Mission (sticky): [ ]

Each artifact has a specific purpose or mission. Mark this condition when you are suddenly called on to fulfill your artifact’s purpose. Add a new approach at Great (+4), appropriate to your item’s properties.

Crisis of X (sticky): [ ]

There are certain rules for every powerful artifact. Mark this condition if you significantly violate the tenets or misuse the power granted to you. While this condition is marked, the approach and all stunts of this mantle are unavailable. Recover this condition after performing appropriate penance, per the GM.

Core Stunts:

Artifact Stunt 1: An appropriate Power Matching the artifact
Artifact Stunt 2: An appropriate Power Matching the artifact
Artifact Stunt 3: An appropriate Power Matching the artifact, depending on the strength of the first two, this may not be necessary.

Additional Stunts:

As appropriate to the item.

Cloak of the Prophet

A cloak worn by the Prophet Mohammed. It has been passed down and guarded for centuries. The family watching over it slipped it out of Afghanistan when the countries king sought to use it for personal gain. It protects the wearer and is said to have healing properties. This item is intended to be used to stop influence of evil Jinn in the world, in the same way the swords are designated to fight the Denarians.

Unique Conditions:

On a Mission from Allah: Pg. 148, Gain Faithful Great (+4)
Crisis of Faith: Pg. 148

Core Stunts:

Allah’s Protection:

You have scale, Otherworldly, on any defend action.

Healing Presence:

Once per session, remove any condition that represents physical or spiritual injury, except Doomed, from yourself or an Ally. This ability may not be used on demonic or Jinn individuals.

Inspiration: Pg. 161

Additional Stunts

Divine Defender: Pg. 149
Barrier of Faith: Pg. 149
The Voice of God: Pg. 149
Holy Aura: Pg. 149

The Book of Truth

This book goes by many names, the Word of God, the True Scripture, the Original Text, etc. Many claim it’s an original divine revelation. It is written in an indecipherable language and fills one with ephemeral visions and a sense of the infinite when it is touched. The book’s mission is to uncover lies, particularly major ones or gross public misconceptions.

Unique Conditions

On a mission for the truth: [ ]

Mark this condition when you encounter a conspiracy or a major lie. Add the condition Truthful at Great (+4). Actions using Truthful may have scale at GM discretion. Recover this condition when the truth has been revealed.

Plagued by lies: [ ]

Mark this condition whenever the holder knowingly spreads lies or misinformation or is duplicitous. You cannot use any of the books powers

Core Stunts

Speak the Truth:

While holding the Book of Truth, when the wielder speaks what they sincerely believe is the truth those that hear them will believe them no matter how unlikely or far-fetched. However, if they attempt to lie any listener will immediately know the wielder is doing so.

See the Truth:

The wielder of the book can see through any glamour or illusion.

Learn the Truth:

You may spend a fate point to learn whether one statement is true or false. If it is false, this does not reveal what the truth is.

Additional Stunts

Reveal the Truth:

Once per session, dispel any glamour or illusion in a scene.

Cat’s got their Tongue:

Once per session, apply Truth-Bound to a scene. While deception is possible, no outright lies are capable.

Reference Book:

Attempt to read the book to gain knowledge on any subject. (like Monoc Securities Files, pg. 153)

Paranetter: (Pg. 121)
Loremaster: (Pg. 141)
The Key

This artifact has been called the Key of Solomon, St. Peter’s Key, the Skeleton Key, the Thief’s Key and many other names. This key wants to set free great works of art and magic items that have been hoarded or hidden, but actively acts against doing so for the holders profit. It takes the form of a key appropriate to the last lock it was used on. The key is also rumored to make the possessor a skilled thief, able to slip away from nearly any pursuit with amazing treasurers.

Unique Conditions

Called to be Robin Hood: [ ]

Mark this condition when you encounter discover a large hoard or extremely valuable item being used for one person’s personal enjoyment or gain. Add the approach Agility at Great (+4). Actions using Agility may have scale at GM discretion. Recover this condition when you have turned over the hoard or valuable item to someone that will use it freely. If you do not turn over the item in a timely manner, mark Crisis of Greed.

Crisis of Greed: [ ]

The key is offended by hoarding, accumulating things for their own sake, and greed. Mark this condition if the character has accumulated great wealth or a set of powerful items and does put them to use to achieve some goal or give the items away to someone that will use them.

Core Stunts

Open all Doors:

The wielder may open any door or container by inserting The Eternal Key into the lock.

Door to Anywhere:

Once per session, The Eternal Key may be used to make a door open to any other door on earth. Alternately, this can be used to open a door into the Nevernever. The door can only connect to the location of Nevernever associated with your current location.

Additional Stunts

Shortcut: (like Right Place, Right Time, pg. 148)
Off the Grid: (pg. 131)
Superior Speed: (pg. 159)
Safehouse: (pg. 127)
Quick Storage Access:

Once per scene, the key can be used to open a container to a storage space owned by the character to retrieve a useful item. It must be an item that the character would reasonably have stored somewhere.


Created by: Thorya

Mantle - Wielder of an Artifact

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