Mantle - Relentless Dead


Relentless Dead (Supernatural Scale)

The Relentless Dead were once human beings, until they fell prey to tragedy, madness, or both. Most Relentless Dead were murdered in some gruesome or shocking manner, often after witnessing the deaths of loved ones. Many were abused for years before their deaths. Others are psychotic killers who continue to follow their insane urges even after being executed for their c r i m e s . Invariably, Relentless Dead are consumed by anger, be it righteous indignation, cold, calculating fury, or rabid, mindless rage. Many are Unborn in a fit of convulsive fury, go on a mindless rampage, and are destroyed or fulfill their self-appointed mission in a matter of days or hours. Others are more calculating and patient, and have remained on this world for several lifetimes, pursuing their goals with great determination. The Relentless Dead are powerful but tragic. Their existence is consumed by their obsessions, and they cannot survive the completion of their quest. Although they are almost impossible to stop, let alone destroy, by conventional means, Gifted enemies can sever their link to their bodies and send their souls spiraling into the Death Realms.


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Mantle - Relentless Dead

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