Mantle - Kitsune


Kitsune (Supernatural Scale)

A japanese fox spirit able to take the form of a human or a fox. As they grow older Kitsune become more powerful and grow more tails. When they grow 9 tails their fur turns golden or white. Kitsune are tricksters with the ability to create illusions and generate ghostly fire using their tails. They are mischievous and are sometimes malicious but others act as guardians or messengers of the Kami Inari. Young Kitsune generally operate on the supernatural scale but older Kitsune are on the otherworldly scale or even legendary scale.


Kitsune [unique, always marked]: [ X ]

You are a yokai, a spiritual being. Kitsune are trickster spirits capable of creating convincing illusions. However if a mortal (one without a supernatural mantle) sees through one of your illusions your illusory powers no longer work upon them and they instantly know that something is wrong about you. As a result most Kitsune flee from a mortal who has uncovered their true nature.

Fox Form [sticky]): [ ]

Take the form of an ordinary Fox. Gain an appropriate aspect. You benefit from scale on actions related to things a fox is good at (sneaking, agility and senses (particularly smell and seeing in low light)). Due to your small size opponents gain scale on actions related to physical strength or toughness. Recover this condition by retaking human form.

Spirit Form [sticky]: [ ]

Take the form of a man sized glowing fox with multiple tails. Gain an appropriate aspect. In this form benefit from scale when using foxfire or actions requiring physical strength. Transforming into your spirit form alerts those with sensitivity to supernatural energies in the local area (several city blocks) to your presence. Recover this condition by retaking human form.

Hoshi no tama [Sticky]: [ ]

Kitsune store a portion of their power in a gem or jewel that they jealously guard or hide. If someone manages to find the gem the kitsune can no longer recover consequences until they regain control of it and will eventually sicken and die. Recover this condition by getting the gem back. In return for the gem you can be compelled to swear an oath (mark a box of indebted. This debt cannot be defaulted upon).



You can generate handfuls of glowing spiritual fire. Pick an approach. Gain +1 to attack with that approach. Can affect incorporeal creatures.

The Human Touch (Pg. 155)
Glamour (Pg. 158)


Greater Glamour (Pg. 158)
Superior Speed (Pg. 159)
Pathfinder (Pg. 159)

(functionally identical to Brownie Housekeeper Pg. 159 but not limited to domiciles. Typically Kitsune can guard temples, shrines or holy groves)

Dark Influence

(Basically a possession/madness power that I’m still working on. It’s probably a unique condition the Kitsune can inflict upon someone using a create advantage roll. While they have this condition they gain an appropriate aspect. Recovery from the condition requires exorcising the victim and some rest)

Created by: Propagandor


Mantle - Kitsune

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