Mantle - Ferals


Ferals (Supernatural Scale)

Ferals are humans whose souls have become enmeshed with — some might say infected by — a beast spirit. They are aberrations, hybrid creatures of spirit and flesh with characteristics of both. They are the lycanthropes and werewolves of legend, the manbeasts that hunt at night or are driven to madness by the full moon. Ferals are more than mindless predators, however. Their dual nature gives some of them powers over both animals and spirits. Despite this, being a Feral is a terrible burden. Often, the victim is unable to repress her urges and emotions; a Feral is likely to reply to a slight insult with a murderous rampage. To be a Feral is to fear oneself — or to let go and become a true monster, viewing the world as a place to satisfy one’s instincts, with a complete disregard for the consequences.

Create your character according to a Pure Mortal mantle of your choosing and then add the conditions and stunts below, which operate at Supernatural scale (page 182).


Under the Full Moon (Lasting) [ ]:

Mark this condition while under the full phase of the moon. While this condition is marked, you gain access to the benefits of this Mantle’s Core stunts and the following applies:

  • Take the Mind of a Beast aspect in addition to your other aspects
  • You gain a new Approach – Bestial Rage at Great (+4) – which can be used in any action where you let the spirit that posses you take control. However, the GM will color your actions as particularly destructive and in some cases this might result in an compel.
  • You gain the benefit of Scale in regards to your inordinate strength and keen predatory instincts, however you suffer from Scale in regards to self-control and discipline.

This condition recovers at the morning after the last night of the full moon.



Restorative Moon-Beams:

Under the light of the full moon, your physical wounds heal at remarkable speeds. Treat any conditions representing a physical injury as one step lower (sticky becomes fleeting, lasting becomes sticky).

Pack Instinct:

Define who is considered a part of your ‘pack’. You are inherently capable of sensing the general location and presence of your packmembers as well as having a form of psychic bond with them. Through this bond you may communicate simple, single-word concepts (run, attack, guard, distract, et cetera) that casual observation will not detect. Roll Guile to avoid detection from focused attention.

Created by: HumAnnoyd


Mantle - Ferals

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