Mantle - Antiquarian of Odin


Antiquarian of Odin (Supernatural scale)

You are a mortal vassal of Odin – better known as Donar Vadderung in the current age – that works at Monoc Securities as his personal antiquarian, both maintaining and growing his collection of arcane objects. The Antiquarian usually operates at Supernatural scale when pursuing their agenda in Odin’s name.


All-Father’s Power (fleeting): [][][][][]

Check one of this condition’s five boxes to use the well of power granted to you by your mantle, as described in your stunts. Recover fully at the end of any scene in which the All-Father’s Power is unused. This condition may also be utilized to create an approach (Odinic Might) with a bonus equal to the number of unchecked boxes usable toward any action. The GM, however, will exacerbate your self-described actions per the character of the mantle: berserker rage, lust for knowledge, and an overwhelming desire for battle.

If the impact of allowing the mantle to control your action is sufficiently complicating, the GM may also treat it as a compel and award you a fate point.

Disfavoured (sticky): []

Check this condition if your character has disobeyed a direct command of the All-Father or betrayed your characters pact with him. Until your atonement, all stunts and conditions associated with this mantle are inaccessible other than recovery actions if one is marked. The GM will detail the requisite atonement, such as fulfilling the All-Father’s commands or restoring his trust in you.


Rune Magic:

You utilize a set of powerful runes to wield ancient Norse magic. Choose two different combinations of approach and action, then name the effect associated with them. A defend action with Force might be a “ward of power,” or an attack with Guile a “shadow strike.” Either combination grants +2 with scale (page 182) determined by the GM.

Seeker of the Arcane:

Once per session, you may ask the GM for a pertinent fact about an item you seek, without having to research it. If information on the article in question is hidden, lost, or obscured by the supernatural you may roll your highest approach against appropriate opposition determined by the GM to gain a useful fact. The GM may also grant you an advantage with a free invoke.


More Runes:

You are versed in a wider variety of rune magic. Choose a third combination of approach and action, per the Rune Magic stunt. Although this stunt may be taken repeatedly, the same combination of approach and action may not be repeated.

Runic Empowerment:

You may check a box of All-Father’s Power to add an additional +1 to an action that utilizes one of your Runes.

Wisdom of Urd:

Odin gave an eye for cosmic knowledge, and you may check a box of All-Father Power to add +1 on any action requiring a display of knowledge or when solving mysteries.

Odin’s Arsenal of Artefacts:

You may mark a box of the All-Father’s Power to summon a powerful artefact, allowing you to create a unique stunt or condition tied to the artefact. The GM has final say on it, and the box of All-Father Power remains checked until the artefact is dismissed.

Einherjar Reinforcements:

Once per session, you may call for one of the einherjar to join you for one future scene. This NPC einherjaren is GM controlled, with Fair (+2) Force, +0 in all other approaches, and six boxes of stress. Alternatively, you may direct a group of einherjar to accomplish a task for you by stating their purpose and rolling dice for their success. You may take +2 if the task allows them to use the Force approach but may not invoke aspects on their behalf.

Monoc Securities Files:

Once per session, you may request all background information that Monoc Securities possesses on a character or faction and the GM must provide useful intelligence. The effect comprises an advantage with two free invokes applicable in any scene with the subject of your inquiry.

Created by: Roll For Your Fate


Mantle - Antiquarian of Odin

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