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You are a being that was brought to life (or back to life) via an external source power, and not the natural processes of biology. While you have a human seeming, you are not technically alive, but are aware and individual. To create such as you requires massive levels of power, and your challenge is instead to contain it, and not have it drive to to actions you will regret. Frankenstein’s Monster; Eric Raven, the Crow; The Golem of Prague. Your power makes you a target. You are a living component to ritual magic, and skilled practitioners can gain power from binding you into their spells in an act of mythical torture.


Unchained Wrath (fleeting)[]

You must mark this condition after taking any stress when you have no unchecked Calm boxes left. When checked, your inhuman power is fully apparent, and you gain a new approach, Wrath, at the same level of your highest approach, and all other approaches go to zero. You must attack anyone who attacks you, then any target you are already attacking, then try to leave the area that triggered the Wrath, also attacking all who try to stop you. The Condition lasts till the end of the scene (usually the departure). If taken out socially, you collapse into state of guilt and introspection, and can not act in any way for the rest of the scene.

Calm(sticky) [][][][][]
  • Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to power Animate stunts.
  • Recover one box per scene where you do not draw upon your power in any way.


Animate Physique:

When brute strength or resilience is required, call upon your power to gain a bonus of +2 per box of Calm marked. Furthermore, any physical action related to strength or resilience may(per the GM) include scale regardless of whether Calm is used. The Animate also does not age, breath, or require food.

Animate Toughness:

Mark one box of Calm to absorb two shifts from a physical attack


Animate Recovery:

Outside of conflict, mark one box of Calm to clear a sticky condition, or two boxes to begin recovery from a lasting condition. These conditions must represent a physical injury or mystic effect.

Calming Brooding:

You may spend a scene brooding alone in a place you find calming. The wilderness, on rooftops of your city, etc. Instead of recovering one Calm, you can recover Calm equal to your focus.

Mystic Toughness:

Animate Toughness applies to mystic and mental attacks which do not have a physical component.

Oh yea!:

Gain +2 to Might roles to Overcome obstacles to move. You can use Animate Physique to aid move actions. You can use might to move if there is a possible path, even if normally might is not the proper approach via the application of raw power.

Unleashed power:

Gain +2 to Create Advantage via focus when doing so according to the theme of the power you exist from. You may do so without need of any external factors. You may apply scale.


The animate has no weak spots due to anatomy, and can shrug off harm that would cripple a living person. Gain +1 to defend with might against attacks that attack smaller areas then the entire animate (fists, claws, bullets, etc.), or maneuvers that attempt to utilize anatomy (Joint locks, nerve strikes, etc)

Created by: Justins


Mantle - Animate

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