Factions of Seattle

DFFAE_CityofSeattle_blue2.pngThere are many factions in Occult Seattle. Too many to list here. Some notable factions that are not on this list include the Summer Fae who admittedly don’t have much of a presence in the city, the Kulikova Clan of ghouls who are mainly found guarding the extensive tunnels in the Seattle Underground that lead to many places in the Nevernever, and the mysterious and brutal Tora Sagami clan of shadow warriors who enforce the Conclaves edicts.

Conclave of Emerald
Mercer Family
The Pack
The Paranet
Peter Kirk Syndicate
Sokolov Bratva
Venatori Umbrorum

Other Factions

These factions are important but not as active as some of the others.

The Eastern Temple
Kulikova Clan
The White Council

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