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  • The Paranet

    [[File:797112 | class=media-item-align-center | DFFAE_FactionsBLUE_Paranet.png]] h3. Goal: Protect those who need protecting. Help the helpless. h3. Secret Goal: Unknown. h3. Obstacle: Easy targets that are hunted by all. h3. …

  • Craig Big Eagle

    Craig Bigeagle is a Native American shaman who is well connected within the supernatural community. He works as a case worker for the City of Seattle and is dedicated to helping troubled youth. He runs a Lodge made up of several minor talents that he has …

  • Aunt B

    Owner of the EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS on "Capitol Hill":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-emerald-city/wikis/capitol-hill, “Aunt Bee” is a former Army nurse who served in Viet Nam. After witnessing the countless horrors of war she returned to the …

  • Claire Redwood

    Biokinetic assistant to AUNT B Dated [[:jack-youngblood | Jack Youngblood]] UNDER THE DOOM OF DAMOCLES with Jack as her sponsor. See "Book 02: Blood on the Streets":https://fate-accelerated-the-emerald-city.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/book-02- …

  • Emerson Lake

    A very artistic enchanter who spends more time and effort on his art then his Art. One of the more stable minor talents, and his shop accepts consignments, but only from carefully vetted members of the supernatural community. Part of the Paranet.

  • Maggie Simpkins

    Minor Talent that uses her ability to enhance her pastries. Sometime romantic partner with [[:jack-youngblood | JACK YOUNGBLOOD]]. Member of the Paranet.

  • Rhoswen Grisby

    The mecurial and beautiful Rhoswen is chaotic, artistic and totally in love with her [[:grizzly | Grizzly]] Bear. The couple seems to prove the idiom that opposites attract.

  • Gemtriax Theophania

    Greek Animist Healer, high up in the Para-Net, Leader of Judd Creek Commune She is quietly working to establish Judd Creek as a regional refuge for Paraneters and their allies Vashon Island has long been known for its thriving community of artists, …