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  • Aaron Mercer

    The two most influential families of the White Court of Vampires in the Seattle area have been bitter political rivals if not outright enemies since the founding of the city. The Mercer Family, led by AARON MERCER, was banished from the Emerald City in …

  • Aunt B

    Owner of the EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS on "Capitol Hill":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-emerald-city/wikis/capitol-hill, “Aunt Bee” is a former Army nurse who served in Viet Nam. After witnessing the countless horrors of war she returned to the …

  • Toshiro Watanabe

    Toshiro has made an impact in the I-District community with his eccentricities and energy of a 30-something hipster Kendo Sensei who moonlights as a Bounty Hunter. The community doesn’t suspect that he is actually over 150 years old… Toshiro was a …

  • Emerson Lake

    A very artistic enchanter who spends more time and effort on his art then his Art. One of the more stable minor talents, and his shop accepts consignments, but only from carefully vetted members of the supernatural community. Part of the Paranet.