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  • Abigail Youngblood

    [[File:799604 | class=media-item-align-center | 400x400px | DFFAE_Character_v2_AbbiYoungblood.png]]For years Abigail Wharton, now Abigail Youngblood, served as a host to the Denarian Demon, Azael. She performed many heinous acts during that time and she …

  • Azael

    Azael is a powerful demon embodied on Earth by the Blackened Denarian carried by his host. For several years he had possessed [[:abigail-wharton-youngblood | Abigail Youngblood]] but he could no longer sustain her cancer ravaged body and he sought a host …

  • Lunatisidhe

    Vicitms of Sebassis's madness they rise from the newly slain and will defend their blackthorn tree, the source of their power, at all costs.

  • Sebassis

    The Kabbalic demon Sebassis is said to be associated with blackthorns and a black corruption. In Celtic myth Blackthorns are called Straiife. The Origin of the word Strife. They are associated with Dark Side of the Year, witches wands and sealing …