Campaign of the Month: February 2022

Dresden Files Accelerated: Emerald City: Requiem

BOOK: 10

Eric Laufey, a scion of the god of Mischief, had smuggled a blackthorn tree tainted by the demon, Sebassis into Seattle from Ireland. In the process he had become corrupted by it and spirited it away into the Nevernever. Hrolf Helgarson, of Monoc Securities had ordered Virgil Gugasian to locate the missing son of Loki and he had managed to track him to Jotunheim. Land of the Giants. Violence and strife erupted there and threaten to spark Ragnarock itself!
Can David Clay, Fergus Mac Cormaic, Kerouac, Virgil Gugasian and newcomer Hiroko Noshimuri stop the spreading destabilization and chaos before it brings about Armageddon? Or is their fate to perish in the frozen wastelands of the Jotuns?