Campaign of the Month: February 2022

Dresden Files Accelerated: Emerald City: Requiem

BOOK: 06

Jack Youngblood knew he was in trouble as soon as he got the note from Lucy Smith-Einar saying that she needed some help. She had left behind some important documents about the demon Sebassis with billionaire Trevor Radcliffe last year when she escaped his employment. The Warden of Seattle had no choice but to act on her behalf. That kind of power was too easily abused and Radcliffe had proven himself prone to corruption before. He recruited his childhood friend, the master thief turned bounty hunter, Virgil Gugasian and the Wyld Fae Green Man, Fergus Mac Cormaic to help him plan and execute a heist of the headquarters of The Peter Kirk Syndicate. Little did he know that pulling off the job would be just the beginning of his troubles as complicated secrets of Lucy’s past came to light forcing him to risk involving the deadly Winter Rose herself, Odianna of Winter.