HIGH CONCEPT: Deadly Yakuza Lieutenant & Martial Arts Master

TROUBLE: Completely Loyal to Clan Shioma


Superb +5: Haste
Great +4: Flair, Guile
Mediocre +0: Force, Focus, Intelligence


Atemi Waza:

Nerve striking techniques. Once per physical conflict, when you succeed on an unarmed attack, you may place the aspect Stunned on your opponent with one free invocation.


While wielding a Katana gain a +1 stress when calculating damage.


Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]

You may mark the Doomed condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to six shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack has rendered you almost helpless, such as Bleeding Out or Ready to Embrace the Dark Side. Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from Doomed when you act deliberately to resolve the doom: emergency medical attention, the intervention of a White Council healer skilled in mental magic, or something similar. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve started recovery. If Doomed is checked and you are taken out (page 189), death is one of the possible outcomes.

STRESS: [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ]

Kyodai: (兄弟) The brothers. (Big Brothers) They are high in rank in the yakuza clan.


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