Woman in White




Deadly Fae Bean-Nighe
The Washerwoman at the Ford
Deceit and Despair are My Weapons
I Will Have My Revenge!


Superb +5: Guile
Great + 4: Focus
Good +3: Flair, Intellect
Fair +2: Haste, Force

Deadly Wyldefae Hag (Otherworldly Scale)


Truth-Bound (special): [x]

You are incapable of outright lies. If you wish, you may carefully omit information, speak your opinions, or utter something you believe true that is later proven false. This condition is always checked.

Ferroburned (sticky): [ ]

If you suffer a condition inflicted by an iron weapon, mark this condition as well. You must recover this condition before healing from any other physical injury. Begin recovery by recuperating in Faerie or receiving medical care from a character versed in supernatural healing. If you seek medical attention outside Faerie, the healer must overcome a Great (+4)
to succeed at the recovery action.

Oathbreaker (sticky): [ x ]

Mark this condition when an agreement with someone has been violated by either party. All actions taken by the aggrieved party against the violating party gain +2 bonus and ignore magical defenses or scale (page 182). Recover this condition when the violator fulfills the letter of the bargain or the aggrieved party voluntarily releases the violator from the agreement.

Hungry (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

This works the same as the condition for Red Court Vampires (page 166). But for you, feeding is different—you must feed on someone’s emotional energy using your Emotional Draining stunt, in three degrees of intensity:

  • Take a tiny amount from many sources over time. (Example: As a phobophage, Genevieve keeps Hungry at bay by absorbing fear emitted by her patients in the trauma ward.) With enough time between sessions, you may automatically clear a box before the next session starts.
  • Your victim takes a condition representing emotional or psychological harm. Clear 2 Hungry boxes for a sticky condition, 4 for a lasting one.
  • Your victim dies. Clear Hungry.
Immortal (sticky): [ ]

Mark this box to absorb any amount of physical damage. The character may be killed, but unless utterly annihilated, their body will continue moving. Recovery occurs automatically after a short amount of time undisturbed. This time may vary at GM discretion; If they are shot to death they may need only a few minutes to recover, while if they were torn to pieces may need the remainder of the scene. This will not work if the ferroburned condition is also marked.



You may cast minor veils and seemings. With a moment of concentration, you may draw a veil over something roughly person-sized, hiding it from sight and other means of detection. Intellect to resist any disbelief attempt.

Unseelie Magic:

You may cast evocations (page 140) that fit the nature of Winter: death, slumber, ice. All Unseelie magic has a cold ambiance, even if its connection to Winter is metaphorical. This magic is ultimately sponsored by the Winter Queens, and using it in a manner counter to their agenda may mark you as an enemy to Winter. You use these as actions with your normal approaches, in any combination. The GM may assign scale (page 182) to your action.

Emotional Draining:

If you succeed at using Guile or Flashy on a create advantage action to create an glamour on a target, you may define your advantage as overpowering despair or pain to feed on, and gain the benefit of scale when you invoke that aspect. Also, while that advantage is in play, subsequent attacks against that target allow you to feed, as per Hungry, if you inflict a condition.


Superior Toughness:

Mark one box of Hungry to absorb two shifts from a physical attack.

Superior Recovery:

Outside of conflict, mark one box of Hungry to clear a sticky condition, or two boxes to begin recovery from a lasting condition. These conditions must represent physical injury.

Superior Physique:

Strength and speed gain +2 per box of Hungry marked. Gain scale on actions involving them as well.

Superior Speed:

Gain +2 to use Haste to defend or create an advantage.

Incite Emotion:

You may use your Emotional Draining stunt against anyone visible to you. Contact is no longer mandated.

Greater Glamour (requires Glamour):

Gain +2 to all attempts to create glamours. Once per session, spend a fate point to create a nameless NPC as a glamour for a scene and dictate their actions. Others react to the NPC as if real but it cannot inflict conditions or harm—if forced into combat, the illusion dissolves immediately. Anyone who succeeds with style on any roll against the illusion may get the chance to see past it, at the GM’s discretion.

STRESS: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
In Peril: [ 4 ]
Doomed: [ 6 ]

Its a dark evening and you find yourself wandering in the gathering gloom along the side of a small stream. You are alerted by some movement down near the water and spot a woman apparently washing clothes in the stream. You may be tempted to wander down to the side of the stream and pass the time of day before making your way home. This would be a big mistake for the woman is the dreaded Bean Nighe, ‘The Washerwomen at the Ford’. She lures her prey to the scene and causes despair and pain and feeds off of them.

Woman in White

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