The Un-Man



Creature of Alien Purpose and Devotion

Appears to be a Psychotic Vagrant

Ferocious Hunger for Magic


Troy_Wilkerson.pngTroy Wilkerson did the Ceremony of Innocence hoping to gain power as Chernobog’s disciple. However, the Key was created with the hand of Maxine Gordon who didn’t meet the requirements of the ceremony and Troy had no power to control the summoned spirit. The Spirit hollowed out Wilkerson’s soul and possessed him, creating a composite being whose name is roughly translated as “Un-Man.”

The “Un-man” attempted to gather power by attacking mystical beings and absorbing their power becoming stronger and stronger with each bit of Mana that it absorbed. Its ultimate goal was to gather enough power to open a passage to the Beyond and release its dark masters. Its first victim was Ryan Delmont whom it sucked dry leaving a withered husk of a man behind. Jack Youngblood confronted the Un-man without understanding what he was facing and was nearly destroyed by it. Only the efforts of DETECTIVE SAM VOLKOV and DETECTIVE SAMANTHA VASQUEZ prevented him from being devoured and the Outsiders from being released on this plane. With the Un-man defeated Troy Wilkerson has been left in a comatose state. It is unknown if he will ever recover. It is probably best he never does since he has been tainted by the touch of Outsiders.

The Un-Man

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