The Mad Hatter



HIGH CONCEPT: The Mad Hatter of Summer

INVOKE: Doing confusing things, Working against winter, Making hats or doing cool shit with hats

COMPEL: Someone who would be happier with a hat doesn’t have a hat, Winter is doing something

TROUBLE: Renegade Summer Fae

INVOKE: Intimidating other faeries, Working against “the man”

COMPEL: An authority figure is present, Someone tells him to do something instead of asking

ASPECT: Party Hearty, Don’t Starty

INVOKE: Do something involving a dance floor or celebration, Get a good vibe going, Cheering someone up

COMPEL: Sees someone feeling down, Hears music with a good beat, Sees people having a good time, Someone tries to kill the vibe

ASPECT: Ally of the Wilds Rather then the Courts

INVOKE: Talk to or negotiate with wyld fae, Navigate the ways, Get a wyld fae to help or cooperate

COMPEL: Talk to, negotiate, or deal with summer or winter with any kind of non-violence; Owes all kinds of wyld fae favors


Great +4: Resist authority

Good +3: Guile

Fair +2: Resist Focus, Force

Mediocre +0: Focus, Force

Terrible -2: Work with an authority figure

Abysmal -3: Do literally anything when his hat has been taken


True Fae (Legendary)

Truth-Bound (special): [x]

You are incapable of outright lies. If you wish, you may carefully omit information, speak your opinions, or utter something you believe true that is later proven false. This condition is always checked.

Ferroburned (sticky): [ ]

If you suffer a condition inflicted by an iron weapon, mark this condition as well. You must recover this condition before healing from any other physical injury. Begin recovery by recuperating in Faerie or receiving medical care from a character versed in supernatural healing. If you seek medical attention outside Faerie, the healer must overcome a Great (+4) to succeed at the recovery action.

Oathbreaker (sticky): [ x ]

Mark this condition when an agreement with someone has been violated by either party. All actions taken by the aggrieved party against the violating party gain +2 bonus and ignore magical defenses or scale (page 182). Recover this condition when the violator fulfills the letter of the bargain or the aggrieved party voluntarily releases the violator from the agreement.

Note: The Mad Hatter has broken his oath to the Red Queen.

Summer Courtier (special)

As a subject of the Summer Queen, you are savvy to the court’s important players and have heard the latest rumors. You are expected to appear occasionally with the rest of Summer before the Lady and/or Queen and will almost certainly become entangled in court intrigues. Work with the GM to identify two additional Summer Fae, one ally to support you and one rival to confound your efforts.

Indebted (sticky): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

As per normal, but with an additional restriction: should you default on any debts, you immediately become an Oathbreaker.

Serious Party Energy (fleeting): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

You have 5 boxes of Serious Party Energy. You may fill in boxes to use some of your stunts.


You may cast minor veils and seemings. With a moment of concentration, you may draw a veil over something roughly person-sized, hiding it from sight and other means of detection. Or you may cause a person or object to appear differently than it normally does. An observer may attempt to discern the illusion, but to do so, they must have some legitimate suspicion that they might be seeing a glamour. Use Intellect to resist any disbelief attempt.

Wylds Courtier

As a renegade subject of the Summer Queen, you are savvy to the important players of the wylds and have heard the latest rumors. You are wanted by both the Summer and Winter courts, and can refuse orders from any court-affiliated High Sidhe other than Mab or Titania themselves, though you will work for they wyld kings in exchange for favors. Work with the GM to identify two additional Fae, one ally to support you and one rival to confound your efforts.

  • RIVAL: The Red Queen
A Check on Winter’s Power

Your role in the Summer Court pits you against members of the Winter Court on a frequent basis. When entering a conflict against Winter, choose +2 to attacks against Winter or +2 to defense against their attacks and attempts to create an advantage.


Exit any scene on your next turn by filling three boxes of Serious Party Energy. Also gain an aspect, “Party Hearty, Head Starty” with eight free invokes that you can only use to evade a tail, escape detection, or otherwise run away.

Dancing Defense

Fill in one box of Serious Party Energy to negate up to four shifts of damage.

Hat Trick

Fill in one box of Serious Party Energy to add three shifts to any successful roll.

Seelie Magic

You may cast evocations that fit the nature of Summer: growth, abundance, vigor, fire. All Seelie magic has a warm ambiance, even if its connection to Summer is metaphorical. This magic is ultimately sponsored by the Summer Queens, and using it in a manner counter to their agenda may mark you as an enemy to Summer. You use these as actions with your normal approaches, in any combination. The GM may assign scale to your action.

Synced Dance Choreography

By filling three boxes of Serious Party Energy you may roll an approach +2 to take the Attack action against everyone in the scene by making them violently dance. Gain an additional +2 if there is a dancefloor, party, or other ongoing celebration in the scene. Anyone who takes any shifts of damage from the attack gains the aspect “Herkey Jerkey Quirky Twerky” and must succeed on an overcome roll at (Great +4) to do anything but dance.

The Mad Hatter

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