The Pack







Fair +2: Force, Haste

Average +1: Focus, Guile

Mediocre +0: Flair, Intelligence


FERAL:(Supernatural Scale)


Dwindling Numbers (sticky): [ 2 ] [ 2 ] [ 2 ] [ 2 ]

The Pack are not solitary creatures; they are trained to fight in groups of 4 and attack lone targets. As long as this condition has unmarked boxes, this “creature” represents a group of Feral Wolves acting in concert. As a group, the Pack has scale when dealing with lone targets. The Pack may mark a box to absorb up to 2 shifts in damage, representing individual wolves being taken out or driven away. This condition is recovered between sessions as wolves return to the fold or they recruit new members.

Vulnerable to Spirit Magic : [ x ]

This condition is always checked. Whenever facing an opponent using Spirit Magic they gain an extra level of scale against the Feral.

Vulnerable to Silver

Attacks made on the Pack with Silver gain scale against them.


Group Tactics:

The Pack is most effective in large numbers. For every unmarked box of Dwindling Numbers, add +1 to any attack roll.

Supernatural Senses:

Ferals can see spirits, including ghosts, nature spirits, and Elementals. They can also see through the Seemings and Glamours of the Sidhe, and can “smell” the presence of large amounts of Essence in people and places, which enables them to uncover probable Gifted characters. This ability works even while in human form; when the character senses something strange, her nostrils flare up and she involuntarily makes sniffing noises. Ferals gain a +2 to detect the true nature of supernaturals and the gifted and to see through faerie Glamours.

Feral Curse:

When a Feral attacks people, their curse may be spread. Merely being bitten by a lycanthrope is insufficient, myths and legends notwithstanding. The injuries must be life-threatening — enough to send the victim to the Threshold, a realm between life and death. At that point, the animal spirits that hover around Ferals like a metaphysical entourage may take the chance to invade the victim’s soul, and “infect” her with the curse. In game terms anyone taken out by a Feral can be cursed as per the GM.

STRESS: [ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ]


The Pack is a motorcycle gang founded by Dozer some 15 years ago. The ability of some of its members to turn into powerful werewolves is not fully understood. However, because of Dozer’s association with Craig Big Eagle, there is some speculation that it might have something to do with using a powerful ritual to bind a person’s soul to a wolf spirit allowing them to functionally become werewolves. Dozer has used this power along with his SEAL training to become one of the premier players in the region. The Pack has a hand in several illegal activities in Seattle including selling pot (their biggest money maker), smuggling, prostitution, theft and even muscle for hire. Few can challenge them in ferocity and Dozer has proven to be a cunning leader able to rely on subtle maneuvering when it is needed. The Pack also protects their territory from any intruding predators with a zeal that borders on fanaticism.


The Pack was nearly taken over by a disciple of Chernobog which ultimately led to over half of its members, including the mighty Dozer, losing their wolf. Dozer and several of the Pack have left the city to try and reconnect with their wolf while the rest have remained behind to try and maintain their power base. They are currently being lead by Callisto although some of the older members have grumbled about a woman being in charge. The Pack has never been in a weaker position and they are preparing for any challenges to their supremacy planning to overcome their reduced numbers with ruthless action.
It has since been revealed that Dozer was captured and sacrificed in the name of Chernobog and has become an undead, demonic wolf avatar of the God of Murder. He tried to take over the Pack in Chernobog’s name but was thwarted by Charles Kress who magically exposed his demonic nature to the Pack who rejected him. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Pack

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