The Djinni


HIGH CONCEPT: Marid of Building and Mischief

TROUBLE: Bound to Wishgranting in a Bottle by Solomon Himself

ASPECT: 3,000 Years of Animosity

ASPECT: Phenomenal Cosmic Power!

ASPECT: Give me Something Lasting to Build!


The Djinn called, “The Builder” was bound by King Solomon around 958 BCE after a prank gone wrong for not being offered the chance to build Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

The Builder is a Marid, a Djinn of Water. As such, he is possessed of Water Magic of a level several magnitudes higher than mortal spellcasters.

He is a cantankerous Djinn who likes artists, crafters, smiths, weavers, and architects who work to create lasting works. He has no interest in ephemeral things like money, wealth, or knowledge.

The Djinni

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